Strauss tells a story in music. Merry Pranks of Master Till: Maestro Classics {Review}

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Merry Pranks of Master Till on Creative Madness MamaMerry Pranks of Master Till
Genre: Children’s Classical
Label: Maestro Classics
Artist: London Philharmonic Orchestra
Composer: Richard Strauss
Stephen Simon, Conductor, Yadu, Narrator
Formats: CD ($16.98) and digital ($9.98)
ISBN: 978-1-932684-13-1   UPC: 888626950022
Release Date: June 23, 2015

Available at: (aff), retail stores nationwide, (aff), iTunes,
West Music, CD Baby, Baker and Taylor, and other major distributors.

The medieval tales about a boy named Till are set to Richard Strauss’s classic tone poem, Till Eulenspiegel. Till plays tricks on people to show them that they may not be as high and mighty as they think! Twisting the words of professors and bakers, tailors and priests, Till travels the countryside. In the end, however, he discovers that the world has little patience for his antics.

1. Introduction 0:51
2. Merry Pranks of Master Till 15:33
3. About the Composer: Richard Strauss 6:41
4. Till Eulenspiegel – Einmal Anders! 8:01
5. Listen Again… 0:16
6. Till Eulenspiegels lustige streiche 15:33

Total Duration: 47:54

– Merry Pranks of Master Till CD Case


Last year I was introduced to my own copies of Maestro Classics CDs including Mike Mulligan and More and Casey at the Bat. This year I am delighted to get my hands on a copy of their brand new title this summer, Merry Pranks of Master Till. I first discovered Maestro Classics at a Homeschool Expo and I have enjoyed everything that I experienced thus far and that does not change with the Merry Pranks of Master Till.

Merry Pranks of Master Till Review

Till Eulenspiegel has such a neat story to hear and Strauss does it in a talented method!

While according to the back of the fold-out CD case this is recommended for ages 7+, I think I’d easily recommend it for the whole family for entertainment value. Although as for a school educational piece I would recommend First Grade and older, as I think my child bridging from first to second this summer is the most interested. We are always listening to classical music and discussing the emotions the music evokes. However, we do not always have such a great tool to take it even further. On this CD you can listen to the composed piece with narration, listen to details about the composer Richard Strauss, and then listen to the music unadulterated again.

I love the CD case. It is so well designed with an image of the CD under where the CD goes. I cannot tell you how valuable that is when you’ve got kids helping out with the opening and getting out of CDs. The little square booklet that comes in the case has so many interesting details within it’s pages! This includes that narrated story, an orchestra instrument page (point and discuss with your kiddos), facts about the main instrument, the composer, and a few games like a maze and crossword puzzle. The information provided within the little booklet and the CD tracks give an opportunity for more than just listen and discuss to just the music; it goes beyond with interest. I find this incredibly well done.

This so far is only to mention what’s available if you purchase a CD. However, there are free Homeschool Guides available for download! On their website, you can listen to a sample and there is an option to buy either CD or MP3. (All MP3 downloads from Maestro Classics include a PDF of the activity book found in each CD.)

Maestro Classics is the creation of music director Stephen Simon and executive director Bonnie Ward Simon who envisioned musical performances that would appeal to audiences of all ages.


They have taken classics in which children of today’s generation might not be introduced to otherwise and present them in a neat manner. In the past when we listened to Mike Mulligan I found that the transition between narration and music was quite loud, however, I do not find that issue with Merry Pranks and I would allow my children to listen to this one at naptime or prior to bedtime. Overall, I have been highly impressed and I gladly will continue to add more Maestro Classics titles to our music shelf.



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About Stephen Simon

Stephen Simon, co-creator of the Stories in Music™ series, is one of the most prominent symphony conductors in the United States. He is renowned as a specialist in the music of George Frederic Handel, and for 25 years he fostered numerous innovative and energetic performances as the music director of the Washington Chamber Symphony at the Kennedy Center. He is the Music Director of Maestro Classics™.

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