Back to Homeschool {Blog Hop}

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  “I can hardly believe that it’s time for the 5 days of Back to Homeschool Blog Hop. But then, tomorrow my princess baby girl turns four and I’m having a hard time believing that too, even though it’s on the heels of my super hero girl turning six and their rascal baby brother having his own first birthday. My goodness, make time slow down please! I’m half wondering if since personalities have sparked whether or not I ought to change their internet names, as it is currently AppleBlossom (age 6, loves all things school, and obsessed with running and super heroes, especially The Flash), OrangeBlossom (age 4 – tomorrow!, loves all things sparkily, pink, purple, and tells you you’re beautiful about twelve times a day and notices all accessories or lack of, especially preoccupied with the lives of Princesses), and Almond Blossom (age 1, into everything with a quirky. . .

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