White Picket Fences by Susan Meissner {Review Refresh}

*This post has been review refreshed, as it was originally posted in 2009. It is now updated with my new format, thanks to the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin on August 11, 2015.* When I heard about this new novel from Susan Meissner, I was extremely excited because to me The Shape of Mercy is now a classic that all students who study the Crucible should also have to read. While White Picket Fences is a completely different type of book it is still incredible writing. For me, I would not necessarily call it a favorite, but overall as a whole (redundant I know, but making a point here) I enjoyed it. Looking at the cover of this book tells you the most of what you need to know. There is the white picket fence slats and then a spiders web weaving it’s way right in. Perfectionism would make one want. . .

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Blogging in an overwhelming atmosphere? Since when!

Creative Madness Mama button

For the ones of you that do not know me, or are just now new to visiting (and hopefully subscribing!) to Creative Madness Mama, let me give you a little detail. (I’m sure I should update my About Me Page as well…) It was in the fall of 2007 that I started a blog to share my progress on quilt and cross stitch projects. Shortly thereafter I started reviewing books on Goodreads, and then posting those reviews on my blog as well. Then the children came and it was maternity, nursing, and baby reviews as well and now we have naturally merged into homeschool curricula reviews as we’re starting our adventure into the Second Grade (if you can believe it!). To my knowledge, I’m always amazed at the numbers this blog generates; however, I’ve never made much in affiliates. Now, today I’ve been visiting a lot of new-to-me blogs and. . .

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2014-2015 Curriculum Thoughts (Looking Back)

This has been a hectic year. This has been an amazing year. I had a baby. I blogged books, quilts, cross stitch, and homeschool stuff. I also taught a combination of Tot School and K5/1st Grade. I found some new things to love, and I discovered some things that just weren’t an appropriate fit. Love! (Backlinks of joy) Memoria Press First Grade (Advice) Memoria Press First Start Reading (Phonics) Memoria Press Kindergarten (Series) Creative Madness Mama Blossom School on a Normal Day Logic of English Foundations Lightning Literature 2014-2015 Wrap Up Blog Hop Landing Page (Visit other bloggers!) Last year, the curriculum that I chose was suppose to take AppleBlossom two years to complete. It was suppose to be K5 that merged into 1st Grade as time went on. However, she finished all of the First Grade materials, or is very nearly so through with them as of now. She. . .

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