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Wrapping Up Weeks 1-3 (2015-2016)

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Homeschool is our way of life

Technically as far as schedules go we should really be starting school the day after Labor Day, but with new review products arriving, sale prices of online curriculum, and my daughter’s begging to do the next thing – we went a head and jumped in and started the week as the birthdays went by. That seems to be a pretty good plan for us. Summer between the birthdays – that gives us mid-July to mid-August to read and IXL [review] our way through a short summer. Otherwise… I’d say we school year round briefly following with the general idea of VPSA, Highlands Latin School, and keeping in mind the local school schedules (avoid the museums on spring break etc!).

This week in our Preschool

I’m really going to have to work on this. All those emails and blog posts I ignored over the years while I had my own first preschooler and knew what I was doing that talked about adding in a preschooler to your homeschool day… yeah, maybe I should have listened.

[bctt tweet=”If you have advice on adding in a butterfly attention-span JrK student to your #homeschool Share your thoughts! “]

The Princess

You see… OrangeBlossom is a princess and frankly believes that school is beneath her. As she’d rather flit like a butterfly (same attention span) to this or that and then take a moment to dance. I have all sorts of lovely plans and printed printables and book lists and videos and interactive manipulatives. Yet, at this point I’m luck if I can get her to finish half a coloring sheet or tracing page, but she’ll spend more than thirty minutes doing IXL. So… I let her do IXL (and make her think it’s a treat after a little seat work). She’s getting her math in!

Now hopefully I can work more on the read alouds and story time this year, because we did not do as well with that last year in following their own lead.

Second Grade… or First Grade… or well, my 6-year-old

Last week I wrote about our curriculum plans. A little bit of this, and lotta-bit of that and so on. Well due to her excitement we’ve jumped in. I guess this is technically week three we’re starting now. In the first week we did full VPSA lesson plans with victory for three days, the last two were a little bit of workbook catch up and reading on our own. In the second week, we did well with VPSA and a day of MP 2nd Grade. In our third week, I’m still reeling that it is Friday and not Wednesday. I’m not sure I can tell you what we did this week… hah!

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