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The Enginerd Speaks. Briefly.: U-joyen KDL Car Lights Bulb {Review}

Today I bring you something rare, but neat… and hopefully less rare in the future. A review by the Enginerd! Today’s review is of U-joyen KDL Car Lights Bulb (2 pack) that you can purchase on Amazon {aff}. The lights are very bright. Brighter than other LED bulbs I had. These are larger than standard size 194 glass bulbs though. They’re larger than my old LEDs which were larger than the glass bulbs too. (picture of 3 bulbs together) This light uses 9 small LEDs on each side instead of 1 larger LED per side. That’s a difference of 5 LEDs versus 45 LEDs. So as you can imagine, there is a lot more light output. (picture of tag lights shining) The negative is that by being a little bit larger overall, there are some applications where this style of bulb may not fit. (picture of map light not fitting). . .

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