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92015 Frontier Girls Newsletter

Frontier Girls… What will we learn about next?

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This is a newsletter to the events of what’s going on in the Creative Madness Mama Blossom School Frontier Girls Pioneer Troop…

We are so excited to be starting a new year with our participation in the Frontier Girls as a Pioneer Troop. Now, my six-year-old AppleBlossom has crossed over to participate as an Otter Level this year, while my four-year-old the Princess will continue to increase her skills and badges earned as a Penguin Level again this year. In our round-up for the Penguin Level and the last year AppleBlossom earned 167 badges and the Princess earned 32 badges. However, in still trying to figure out a way to award them (as we don’t have the budget to buy every badge earned, much less the space on a vest!) we bought some of their proudest moments in badge form – the ones they talk about the most.

new 2015 badges

Now each level has a color around the border to signify at which level the badge was earned.

Now for this year, Kerry has updated the badge system to slightly larger buttons and a color labeling system so that it will be easy at a glance to know when a particular badge in a girls’ collection was earned. They said they will still have some of the original badge types for a while and my original intent was to hand down badges as the Princess earned ones that AppleBlossom had earned on a previous level… but now I plan to get the Otter/yellow level badges for her and stick with the old smaller size non-colored badges for the mini-size Frontier Girl Pioneer. 😉 Then after that I’m undecided if I’ll use the mini-badges on my vest to show areas taught or if I’ll get the Leader/red level badges. Quandary. Maybe we should do a fundraiser to pay for the badges?

Last year AppleBlossom earned the WOW! Award (earning 100+ badges) as well as the Gem Award. I decided to only purchase the Gem Award for her vest, but I’m debating going back and getting her a Penguin WOW! Award pendant as well. Her earning of the Gem Award shows she has also earned the Discovery Award, Life Skills Achievement Award, Liberty Award, and Fruit of the Spirit Award.

Gem Awards are the highest award a girl can earn at each level.   Each Gem Award acknowledges girls for going above and beyond just attending meetings and earning badges, and rewards them for their efforts in taking  to heart the most important aspects of our program.  To earn these awards you must do the following:

Frontier Girls Awards Page

Now for the updates on the latest this year. Both girls have the Frontier Girls Motto memorized and we reference it daily. “If you see a need, take the lead!” We’re pretty close to having the Promise and the Creed memorized. I’d say we still have a bit more work to do there. We have lots of things on our to-do list in the required and recommended badges for each year including those which qualify for the Liberty Award (5), In August we spent quite a bit of time on Johnny Appleseed/Apples and we are starting a study now on Audubon. Check back for other reviews and posts on Johnny Appleseed material!

Badges earned in July & August:

Johnny Appleseed Legend ReviewSeed by Seed Johnny Appleseed Review Johnny Appleseed poemDiscover Agriculture

  • Apples (Penguin & Otter)

Discover Art

  • Biographies: Gustav Klimt (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only
  • Color (Penguin & Otter)
  • Art (Penguin & Otter)
  • Art History (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only
  • Music (Penguin & Otter)
  • Classical Music (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only

Ten varieties of apples! Johnny Appleseed here we come… #homeschool

A photo posted by Margaret Chind (@cherryblossommj) on

Discover Character

    • Biographies: John Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed (Penguin & Otter)
    • 6th birthdayLove (Penguin & Otter)
    • Joy (Penguin & Otter)
    • Peace (Penguin & Otter)

Discover Heath

    • Bicycling (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only
    • Running (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only

Discover Home

    • Genealogy (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only
    • Sewing (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only
    • Baking (Penguin & Otter)



Apple pie went great! My first pie made ever!! Blog post to come!! A photo posted by Margaret Chind (@cherryblossommj) on


4th birthdayDiscover Knowledge

  • ABC (Penguin & Otter)
  • Reading (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only
  • Spelling (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only
  • Birthdays (Penguin & Otter)
  • Books – Specific: Billy & Blaze series (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only
  • Books – Specific: The Boxcar Children (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only
  • Books – Specific: Narnia (Penguin & Otter)
  • Classical Literature (Penguins & Otter)
  • Dinosaurs (Penguin & Otter)
  • Disney (Penguin & Otter)
  • Doctor Who – Learn All About It (Penguin & Otter)
  • Faeries (Penguin & Otter)
  • Fairy Tales (Penguin & Otter)
  • Zoos (Penguin & Otter) – plus an activity patch!
  • Princess (Penguin & Otter)



Ladybug invasion of the kitchen


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Discover Outdoors

  • Animal Tracking (Penguin & Otter) – We wrote this badge!
  • Archery (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only
  • Trees (Penguin & Otter)

Discover Science & Technology

  • Astronomy (Penguin & Otter)
  • Aerospace (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only
  • Rockets (Penguin & Otter)
  • Inventions (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only
  • Planets (Penguin & Otter)
  • Mammoth/mastodon (Penguin & Otter)
  • Seasons – Specific: Summer (Penguin & Otter)
  • Ecology (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only
  • Botany (Penguin & Otter)
  • Biomes (Penguin & Otter)

field trips

Discover the World

  • Museum – Specific: Pink Palace Museum (Penguin & Otter)
  • Historic era – Specific: American Frontier  (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only
  • Historic era – Specific: Ancient Egypt (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only
  • History by Country: Egypt (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only
  • Flags of the World (in progress…)
  • World Geography (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only
  • World Landmarks (Otter) – for AppleBlossom only



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