Teach Kids to Thank Community Leaders

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Show your gratitude for Community Helpers

FiremanSamRescueontheWaterOur church from where we lived before was an interesting group of people. More often than not, there were mamas with children in tow, but daddy wasn’t there. At first glance you’d think he might not be the church going type, but once you got to know these families we discovered those daddys were anything but. They were heroes. A larger portion of our congregation was made up of Firemen! These firefighters spent their weekend on guard protecting our community and keeping everyone safe from harm.

Fireman Sam is a fun example!

HIT Entertainment has a great set of Rescue Friends for your youngest to watch too!


While I grew up during the time after my daddy retired from the U.S. Air Force I’m proud to know he served for many years as did my father-in-law. And I have a brother-in-law that is the U.S. Navy. Also from where we live now, we are surrounded by a large Navy community.

All these past experiences and our goals with the Frontier Girls and scouting has made us very aware of promoting patriotism in our girls, and one day for the Rascal as well with the likes of a possible Frontiersmen Troop. If you know me, you know that I love my genealogy and the fact that we are Patriots through the centuries makes me even more partial to not only military community leaders, but the every day Joes as well.

Community Leaders are important and definitely make an impact and it is important to teach our children about them!

Thank Community Leaders - Educents

Activities about community leaders:

Historical Biographies Lapbooks – Create interactive lapbook reports about some of the most famous Americans like Amelia Earhart, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, respected American women, and more!Community Helpers Freebie - Educents Community Helpers Bundle – Every day, sing a song with your students about the community helpers we depend on every day! This unit combines emergent books, games, activities, finger puppets, printables, and songs to help your kids learn and have fun! Community Helpers Firefighter Freebie – Your students can learn about firefighters with these free vocabulary pages, writing prompt, bubble map, and more!
Community Helper Flash Cards – Download and print 36 flash cards with community helpers pictured on each card. Play memory games and create awareness of how important scientists, volunteers, soldiers, and teachers are! This is a great resource for students with autism or special needs. Back to School Staff Trading Cards - EducentsBack to School Staff Trading Cards – It’s back to school time! Do you need a meaningful way for students to get to know school staff? Kids LOVE playing cards and trading cards. These super fun and engaging school staff trading cards are great for increasing school wide involvement. Let students know who makes up their school staff and who is there to help them. Hip Hip Hooray for Community Helpers Mini Unit – These activities pages includes the roles of teacher, firefighter, police officer, sanitation workers, hair stylist, crossing guard, doctor, nurse, farmer, news reporter, and soldier. Ask students to answer questions about what the community help does and how they help out the community.   This weekend, Educents is all about FREE! You can download all of their freebies, and you can get free shipping on any order! Use code SHIP4FREE at checkout. Offer valid through September 7th.

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