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Super Teacher Worksheets #Printables {Review}

Super Teacher Worksheets #Printables {Review}

Source: Homeschool Review Crew

Super Teacher Worksheets Review
Over the last several years I have spent a lot of time following blogs and saving printables that I have found here and there, but often there are so many things I find that are an individual charge and not necessarily a great worksheet once I get down to it. Therefore, when I heard about a website where you can get a lot of things for free, but pay one fee for access to the whole library of resources I was wary but intrigued. Members of the TOS Review Crew have been blessed to receive one-year access to Super Teacher Worksheets and given an Individual Membership. I’m not usually one to state prices in my reviews, but a year is only $19.95/yr and that is way less compared to any other site when you add up all the possibilities! 

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

This is a website filled with printable resources in these categories:

Reading & Writing
Phonics & Early Literacy
Spellings Lists & Worksheets (Gr. 1-5)

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

A plethora of worksheets are available on topics such as Dinosaurs across the curriculum!

Social Studies
Puzzles & Brain Teasers
Teacher Helpers
Pre-K and Kindergarten
Make Your Own Worksheets

Personally, we have already downloaded science worksheets to enhance our Astronomy studies for this school term. I’ve been saving phonics pages to ‘my file cabinet’ for the Princess because she is almost ready, but not quite ready enough for me to print them. I’ve been gathering sheets on holidays and the social studies themes of the year that are appropriate for us. AppleBlossom (six) was elated when she saw there were worksheets available on a book she recently read from the well-known Magic Tree House series, Dinosaurs Before DarkThere is so much here that we can use and so much more that I might not have the time for! The work that is put into gathering and designing all these sheets is a time saver and a gold mine for me! They’re cute in appearance and well done. The clip art chosen is not gimmicky or saccharine sweet, it’s pleasing to see and a help, not distraction to the work needing to be done.

Aud The Phonics worksheets are adorable and pleasing to both my children and myself. Any teacher will be pleased.

Super Teacher Worksheets ReviewWell you know that we were studying Johnny Appleseed but now we’ve moved on to learning about John James Audubon and the printable worksheets that I discovered on Super Teacher Worksheets are absolutely perfect for our needs! The full cover biographical portrait was a fantastic hit with my girls and the text was very appropriate for AppleBlossom to read aloud to us all. There are additional beautiful images through out the document and after the descriptive text there is a set of multiple choice questions and a cross word puzzle (again squeals from AppleBlossom here!). The last pages of the document consist of a Teacher Answer Key with answers in bright bold red text that are clear and easy to see.

Super Teacher Worksheets is a plethora of printable worksheets that covers a massive amount of topics and it is easy to use and navigate. The File Cabinet is an awesome setting that makes it easy to peruse on a tablet or device and then going back to print when you’re at the appropriate computer. That is a feature that I love! So I can browse as I need be and not be stuck to the computer seat to find what I need. Over the last few weeks I’ve spent quite a number of hours gathering materials and navigating the site and there is not a thing that I can put in a negative column. Overall I’m really impressed and delighted with the site.

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Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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