Brookdale House Writing Through Medieval History Level 1 Cursive {Review}

Brookdale House Writing Through Medieval History Level 1 Cursive {Review}

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Brookdale House Writing Through Medieval History Level 1 Cursive {Review}Writing Through Medieval History Level 1 Cursive by Kimberly Garcia

ISBN: 9781940282688
Genres: Educational Resources, Copywork, History
Published by Brookdale House on 2015
Format: PDF
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Brookdale House's Write Through History program combines the skills of reading, history, copywork, narration, dication, and writing into one school course. Using the Charlotte Mason Method, this program is a gentle approach to learning the skill of writing.

 Brookdale House Review

Brookdale House ~( is a company that I have consistently seen participate in Charlotte Mason promotions and this is how I discovered them. In the past, I came across their Writing Through Ancient History Level 1 Cursive and I have been planning on printing out some pages eventually, but had not really come across the moment to do so. However, when through the TOS Crew an opportunity came up to review their Writing Through Medieval History Level 1 Cursive I found myself too eager not to try! For the purposes of this review, I was given access to a PDF of Writing Through Medieval History Level 1 Cursive and have printed the pages for use with my advanced six-year-old working on a second grade school level. My review is specifically geared toward the Medieval product, however I think my opinions ring true for their entire Level 1 Cursive products including Ancient History as well. If you’re curious for a peek, feel free to see samples: SAMPLE PAGES FOR ALL PRODUCTS  
A Charlotte Mason Writing Curriculum
I have found that the Writing Through History program can stand alone, but it also makes a great supplement to your history curriculum for the year if writing is not one of your big subjects (and thus I’m rather sneaking it in). There is a very specific table of contents with a chapter titles, the historical time frame, and the page number so while we can just trek through in order unit by unit, I could also skip ahead and print a specific section to match our historical study for the week and so on. We’ve experience historical narratives with a biographical feeling, English tales and folklore, poetry, and even more cultural tales from the European continent. The appendix contains a very thorough section with example narration questions to prompt your student as well as a grammar guide and the copywork models for easy printing.

At a glance, the story suit of what I notice in this program is the copywork as there is a little something each day and often a repeat of something previously written. Not only does this included the opportunity to put the copied passage to memory, but also to perfect certain letters and letter combinations in cursive. So already we’re covering our cursive penmanship and written dictation skills. But truly before you even get to the first “model” of copywork there is page or two of a passage to read followed a blank lined page to write down a narration of the passage. We have used this where I scribe while she narrates, and if she were older or further along in your “writing” skills I would think she would be able to get the thoughts on paper, but right now it is progress for her to express the thoughts out loud in narrating the passage to me.

Creative Madness Mama reviews Brookdale House Writing Through History Level 1

After the initial passage followed by a “written summation” for the narration the next pages that follow contain copywork “models”. The first model is on target with the reading selection, while the second model is on the time period but not necessarily directly related to the passage text. Model three gives the student opportunity to sharpen and improve their copywork skills by rewriting and sometimes correcting (if needed) model two.

Interestingly all of the works included were taken from the public domain and thus if a particular passage makes her curious for reading more we can search for it online and discover it to read without another penny spent. I have to confess that I am very enthusiastic when curriculums include public domain treasures. There is a recommended schedule for completing the work (day 1 reading, narration, written summation; day 2 copywork and grammar; and so on), but for us we basically picked it up nearly daily and worked a little from where we left off.

AppleBlossom tells me that it is “kinda fun” because you get to read first she says. She is enjoying taking a little bit of reading and making more of an assignment from it. Several times now the passage we have studied in the morning has prompted our ebook search and fodder for a bedtime reading. We have been working with the Level 1 curricula which is directed at a 1st and 2nd-grade level. Brookdale House also has Level 2 available which is directed at 3rd/4th so you can choose the appropriate level for your student.

While I’m still learning what works best for my students, so far we are of a Classical Christian Education vein with a Charlotte Mason influence. I have enjoyed spending time in the Brookdale House materials and after our trial period using the Medieval History not only has AppleBlossom been influenced to seek out our knights and castles books on our reading shelves, but she has also asked if we can start printing out pages from the Ancient History packet to integrate that into our further studies of the Old Testament and Ancient Egypt this year. When a child asks for work that just melts my heart and she has given her full approval for the Writing Through History program!

*Note, Brookdale House has updating the cover images for their writing program as of 2015. Same wonderful materials inside.

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 Brookdale House Review

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