Cardinal Health Perineal Cold Pack and Postpartum Recovery Recommendations {Review}

Cardinal Health sent me this product to try, and donated to a charity of my choice.”

This is a post for the mamas, and soon to be mamas, and not the kids. I intend this to continue to be a PG blog, however this post may need a bit more parental guidance.
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My best friend just had her first baby and I have been thinking a lot about babies lately as it seems so many of my friends are suddenly starting families and my own “baby” is 15 months old and turning into a toddler quickly. As the time was approaching for my friend I found myself recounting things that I experienced or learned and was glad to know and wanted her to know ahead of time. At this point in my life I have had three typical births with practically no intervention, thank the Lord. One of the things that I was unprepared for in my readings of the plethora of week to week or what to expect books was the aftermath for mama recovery and comfort. While I have not had a surgical birth, it is my understanding that even then such soothing recovery methods maybe helpful to swollen parts, but I speak from my experience of vaginal-births only.

After delivery of birth a mama needs time to heal, but the appropriate tools are helpful as well. My first delivery was in Georgia at a birth center attached to a hospital, it was a rough experience. My second and third deliveries were in Tennessee at a birth center located next to a hospital, both were incredible experiences that filled me with confidence and fast recovery. The things that I discovered in Tennessee that helped me back on my feet and returned to my family very quickly were what I like to call recovery tools. I was just telling my friend about these the other day, and knew that I needed to write them down to share with other mamas that might need to know.

At this point you’ve spent 3/4 of a year holding more and more weight, increased blood flow in both quantity and pressure, and everything is retaining fluids and a bit swollen. After delivery your body can slowly start to heal, decreasing the swelling and excess. After birth, those lady portions are tender and swollen and need to decrease and heal. It’s the same if you get a bad bruise, what do you do? You ice it and the swelling goes down so much faster than if just left alone. While I have heard of some people freezing witch hazel pads, that was more effort than this new mama was willing to go to. The best thing I found was following my second birth, and thus I was able to apply it to my third birth as well. An absolutely necessary tool for me in postpartum care is a perineal cold pack.

Cardinal Health™ Hospital Quality at Home™ is apparently a company well known by hospitals. While I cannot tell you what brand I used years ago, it appears the same as the sample in which I have been provided for this review. Cardinal Health has absolutely paid attention to the needs of their medical clients and has recently started a line of at-home care materials and products to keep a continuity of care for recovery and healing in the serenity of one’s own home. This Cardinal Health brand offers a variety of hospital-quality tools for recovery from Advanced Wound Care, standard First Aid, Personal Care, and Home Healthcare products.

In my blogging and social networking circles I’ve found myself surrounded by cloth diapering, baby wearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding mamas. While many deliver in hospitals there are a good many of them that are midwife and home birth based. In my circumstances it was ideal to deliver and then go home to heal, rest, and recover while learning to be a bigger and better family together. I needed to focus on us and not focus on staying in the hospital or having to go back again with re-admission due to a slowness to heal of complication. Now with Cardinal Health at-home care products, the annual 46.1 million inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures that take place can have another step-up and helpful set of tools to continue appropriate and proper post-hospital care at-home and avoid re-admission and re-entry. Heal and get on with your life and those that you have to share it with. Now this company, Cardinal Health has used their nearly 100 years of experience to bring it even further where those who birth in a hospital or home can have the same at-home postpartum care with something like their Perineal Cold Pack.

The postpartum period can differ from experience to experience, but there is a pretty good bet you’ll be looking at six to eight weeks after giving birth with soreness and swelling. Using a perineal cold pack you have a soft, cold, healing, absorbent pain managing tool at your disposal. At the hospital I was given a certain amount of cold packs and begged for more. When I ran out it was a sad time as I had to barter with myself on when I would use it and so on until I had only one left and knew that soothing comfort was a thing of the past. Now, Cardinal Health has made a way for patients to continue this with their at-home line.

My best advice as I told my friend is a mama tool kit with the highlight first and foremost being a set of perineal cold packs to use with ladies disposable briefs, overnight menstrual pads, witch hazel medicated cloths, long night gowns, and perhaps a hydrocortizone spray. These materials aided my recovery and healing as well as comfort every time and I was sad as the quantity ran out. I’m delighted to know that an at-home option is now available for perineal cold packs and will definitely recommend such a thing to my mama and mama-to-be friends.

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