Updates on the Blossoms

I was writing an email update to a genealogy cousin and decided that long-term readers might be interested in these details…


Rascal is about 17 months old, I think? I stopped counting he’s one, he will be two in July. With AppleBlossom, I could tell you down to the week and the day, hah. He is a rascal. He is a curious, budding enginerd, interested in everything. He loves things with wheels and gets on the floor driving them around growling as an engine. We didn’t teach him this, he just got it somehow. He attacks and tickles his sisters and drives them to giggles. He will run into their room and they all start squealing. He is a snuggly bear and will only sleep with my arm around him. It’s a bit of a burr when I have to sit in his bed each night until he falls asleep, but it is precious too. (I’m sure it’s a funny sight to see me on the edge of the toddler bed too!) Rascal has copper hair and grey chameleon eyes that change with his surroundings.


AppleBlossom is six years old and we are homeschooling working through second-grade curricula. She is a smart cookie. She wants to be an artist, specifically a painter when she grows up and she’s held on to that passion since she was three, so I suppose I must start doing something about pursuing it with her. This year we are studying in depth Old Testament and Ancient Egypt focusing on Genesis to Joshua. We are also starting Latin with both girls. AppleBlossom loves super heroes and goes running with her daddy in the neighborhood. AppleBlossom has medium brown hair and hazel eyes with an emphasis on dark brown.


OrangeBlossom is a princess. If it is not pink or purple or sparkily she is not remotely interested. She is four years old and knows more about Disney princesses than most people. She loves floor puzzles, wood puzzles, fairies, fairy tales, and is the epitome of a delicate soul (while very capable of snarling). She is my strawberry blonde (changes with the seasons), blue-eyed princess. She wants to be a princess when she grows up but stipulated that she will not be living in a drafty castle. While AppleBlossom started school work gleefully at three years old, or really at 18 months if you want specifics with tot school…, OrangeBlossom at four is still not very interested and has the attention span of a flitting butterfly.

All three children are very petite. Long torsos and short legs which they all come by honestly. OrangeBlossom is still fragile enough she faces the rear in the car still, while only AppleBlossom faces forward. We have no doubt that soon people will stop asking if OrangeBlossom and AppleBlossom are twins and they will start asking if Rascal and OrangeBlossom are.

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