Fitbit for the new year?

Something that I invested in this year for myself was a fitbit. While I’m not a runner (that’s the Enginerd) I was curious about steps, but my main interest was in how much sleep I was getting with the Rascal around. He is a co-sleeper by desire, but I felt like I wasn’t doing so well. I soon learned that I was getting about 3 hours of sleep a night! With this knowledge, I was able to change a few things in situation and time frames and I’m now averaging about 5 hours of sleep. It is very helpful to me and that’s only part of what it is capable of telling me!

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Favorite Homeschool Resources

What a year of resources! I have found 2015 to be a very neat year for learning about new curricula and homeschool resources. *This post contains affiliate links that help bless the Creative Madness Mama family. This year I have discovered that I have a spirited child in my second daughter and in going forward I will have to tailor things toward her in a bit of a different way than we did for AppleBlossom. As for AppleBlossom, she is six-years-old and a good way through her second-grade curriculum. We have been deeply studying Ancient Egypt and the first portion of Old Testament. We’ve been also focusing on grammar and cursive. 2015-2016 Curriculum Choices We discovered a bit that is particularly challenging is that now she notices that her little sister is balking at the idea of school working and now she is trying to push things off as well. We’ve. . .

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20% off to start 2016 with Grapevine Studies

This year we have added in elements from Grapevine Studies for our Bible study and the girls have been thrilled with it every day we bring it out! Now is a great time to buy a new study to start with your kiddos in 2016 with this 20% sale!! {aff} Readers of Creative Madness Mama may be blessed with the use of coupon code: YearEnd15. *Expires December 31st, 2015. There are lessons from the preschool age through eighth grade and samples are available to preview as well. *If you do decide to purchase, use my affiliate link and a small percentage of your purchase will bless our family with no price change to you. If you are a blogger and interested in joining the Grapevine Studies affiliate program, you can sign up here. If you sign up through me and email them my name I will get a $25 bonus!

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I’ve gone back and forth about this a lot in the last year, I think it is time that I let my secondary domain go. I wanted to be a community, a place where people could come and get the latest and greatest recommendations. It was that when we were connected to ning back in the day, but moving it here never worked out well and it become just me and a commentor or two every once in a while. I think I’m just not up to the task of making it what it should be. So if there is any interest, I might just let the domain name go…