Fitbit for the new year?

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Something that I invested in this year for myself was a fitbit. While I’m not a runner (that’s the Enginerd) I was curious about steps, but my main interest was in how much sleep I was getting with the Rascal around. He is a co-sleeper by desire, but I felt like I wasn’t doing so well. I soon learned that I was getting about 3 hours of sleep a night! With this knowledge, I was able to change a few things in situation and time frames and I’m now averaging about 5 hours of sleep. It is very helpful to me and that’s only part of what it is capable of telling me!

fitbit resolutions

In addition to tracking my sleep, now I’m also tracking and encouraging myself to take one more step. Go around the hallway that way to get it up another blinking dot! Connecting with friends has been fun to compete, but also to encourage and keep on keeping on..


Fitbit Flex Activity + Sleep Wristband

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  • I bought one last summer and was doing pretty good with it until my husband borrowed it and left me in his dust. He doubled my steps and then some and it discouraged me, lol. I just found it laying by my computer the other day and wondered where the charger was. Maybe I’ll give it another try. I didn’t sleep well with Bo when he was younger, but 3 hours – wow. Glad you are sleeping more,, but 5 hours, lol! How do you do it? I need my beauty sleep lol!
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    • I have no idea how I do it… heh. I’ve always co-slept with them partly through the night and then moved them to their own bed as they had their early baby years. Yet, the Rascal is the first one that truly will cry in hysteria if he wakes and realizes my arm is not around him. It’s an interesting situation, a little better every day, I think though.

      And I remind myself, one day he might not be so snuggly… For now, he is definitely a mama’s boy. 🙂

      I have a few friends that I see their steps and they blow me out of the water. I will never get to their stats. But they are in the corporate world and in a high rise I assume and one of them works on his computer on a treadmill desk! I definitely do not get the ideal steps, but a little more and a little more each day is my goal.

      Do it! Judge it to your own daily steps and not your husbands. He may be like my Enginerd and a bit always in motion and on the go.