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Early American HistoryAmerican History Study Guide for the primary grades

In the years that I have been researching homeschool materials and curriculum, there is one name that constantly comes back up, Beautiful Feet Books. There is one opinion I have consistently seen… everyone loves Beautiful Feet Books. The theory behind the curriculum is a mama blessing. It is, in my opinion, Classically Mason. (Is BFB Classical?)

But wait! Aren’t we doing Veritas Press material? Indeed, we are doing the Veritas Press Scholars Academy diploma program, but there we will not really touch on American history until we reach that part of the cycle. And what about our Memoria Press progress? Well, yes, we are keeping along with the Memoria Press Classical Core Curriculum and they have newly added in readers and read-alouds starting in their third-grade curriculum (which includes several Beautiful Feet Book selections!). However, we wanted to do a bit more to study early American history – thus, my desire for the Beautiful Feet Books Primary grades Early American History Study Guide and resources.

Beautiful Feet American Primary Literature

Beautiful Feet Books Primary American History

Primary American History Sample

Right before the end of the 2015 annual year, Beautiful Feet Books was running a sale where any purchase of one of their packs would qualify you for a free copy of a lavishly illustrated version of (aff) The Gift of the Magi by O’Henry. I’ve been dragging my feet about getting the literature selections, but I’ve been flipping through the study guide and knowing that I wanted to start when AppleBlossom was six. But! Oh, my!! When did this happen? She is now six and a half! So the sale prompted me and I ordered the D’Aulaires pack and other books that I’m lacking in our collection for this study.

While AppleBlossom and I are loving our studies of Ancient Egypt, holidays and events in our day-to-day life often bring mention of American heroes and she’s intrigued. My genealogy locates us in the Carolina and Virginia colonies well into the 1700 and even 1600s. This has always given me a fond feeling of American history and I’m excited about what this study will bring. Learning about our roots is creating an immersive environment full of adventure.

The K-3 Grades

From the year 1000 AD with the Vikings (Enginerd’s favored history persons through his genealogy) to the mid-1800s. Just over 100-lessons is set up for either a one or two-year study depending on how many lessons you complete per week.

Beautiful Feet Books always has a special offer going on!

Did you know that Beautiful Feet Books has FREE downloads of helpful resources?

*This is not a sponsored post, I’m just excited about this study!

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