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GrubMarket #flyby review from @CherryBlossomMJ
I’m a stay-at-home homeschooling mama of three littles and I have a confession to make. I detest going to the grocery store. Going to the store fills me with anxiety. Whether it’s the price checking, the squealing offspring, the germs that I know are getting eaten off random surfaces, or many other things… it is not something I enjoy. Now wouldn’t it be a wonderful solution if I could do that shopping online and get about a 40-50% savings on fresh food?!

Oh!!! You can!

grubmarket #flyby

Use coupon code GRUB20!

Keep on reading for a neat opportunity dear reader… coupons, giveaways… mmm…

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A few weeks ago, the Creative Madness Mama family was blessed with a big box of fruit! Rather, we received a regular-size California Fruit Bounty box and it was amazing! My opinion of GrubMarket is that they are amazing! Along with the box that I received which has thrilled me to bits and was gobbled up divinely, I also have a regular-size box to offer my dear readers as a giveaway today! Additionally, please note that you can receive 20% off your first order of GrubMarket using the code GRUB20 and free shipping on orders $59 and over. 

@GrubMarket #flyby Review with coupon code and limited time giveaway!

Yum! Delivery day!! #grubmarket #flyby #food

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It’s an online farmer’s market!

When the box arrived it was pure excitement! Shredded cardboard pieces kept every bit of fruit protected and we were delighted as we unpacked our goodies and filled our waiting fruit bowl. It was an educating lesson in itself as I was able to introduce the girls to things they have not seen very often like a fresh pineapple (they’re very familiar with the canned variety), pomegranate (they’re familiar with mama’s chocolate covered poms!), dates, and other friendly fruit variations. We also got an avocado, grapefruit, and pear, as well as, a selection of oranges and apples. The Fruit Bounty box is always a bit of a mystery if you order it as you will get the seasonal best fruit available from farm-to-door. But, shopping on GrubMarket you can pick and choose what you want to buy as well!

Enjoy the seasonal harvest of organic fruit grown in California. You will receive the best of summer fruit, including peaches, apricots, cherries, and plums. During the fall & winter, you will receive a mix of citrus, pears, apples and more, all grown from the best California farmers. –

I loved every bit of fruit and even my first experience adventure of dates from GrubMarket and I will definitely be going back for more! The best part for me? You do not have to have a subscription service. It seems you can if that’s your flavor. But, you can just log in and shop and buy what you need when you need. They ship nationwide! Oh, the glee! Locally I have some mamas nearby that are telling me about this co-op or the other, but they are heavy on volunteer hours (what do I do with the littles!?) or strict on the membership and subscription fees which I would honestly probably end up paying and not shopping as much as I should, to get the best deal. So now that I have discovered GrubMarket it is the best of both worlds and I cannot wait to tell those mamas!

New snack! #GrubMarket #flyby @laughing_cow_instagram in stuffed dates

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One of my favorite things I discovered after getting the box was drilling Pinterest for ideas of ways to eat and serve fresh fruit that I was not completely familiar with such as de-seeding a pomegranate or making a savory snack out of dates and laughing cow cheese. I now have so many ideas for making date buttery and other ways of natural sweeteners for a variety of things. I know what I’m doing on my THM E meals!

Take an organic date, rinse it, set it on your cutting board. With a sharp knife, slice into the date, and pop out the pit seed. Discard the seed. Do this with about three dates per wedge of (ad) Laughing Cow Cheese. Using the knife, cut off a portion of the cheese and smush it into the date. Repeat, repeat, and eat!


About GrubMarket:

GrubMarket is all about providing accessibility, by delivering the following key benefits to their stakeholders:
  • Unbeatable prices:  While many food delivery services and premium grocers cater to high-income earners, GrubMarket is committed to making fresh and delicious food accessible to all people by keeping their prices consistently lower than all comparable grocers.
  • Convenience:  Through their reliable operations, GrubMarket is committed to providing people in food deserts (ie. areas without farmers’ markets and fresh grocery stores) with access to high-quality, freshly-harvested items that they would typically find at a farmers’ market or Whole Foods store.  Additionally, they offer free delivery across the U.S. for all orders above $59.
  • Food Discovery:  GrubMarket provides a platform for their partnering small farms and vendors to sell their items directly to customers.  Many of these food producers have challenges getting shelf space at grocery stores, and/or may not want to pay the upfront costs of hosting farmers’ market tables.  GrubMarket gives these food producers access to tens of thousands of customers through a robust online marketplace, regardless of the food producers’ production scale.
GrubMarket firmly believes that you, your family, and your friends should always have the opportunity to eat well, and that price should never be a barrier between you and healthy, delicious, and freshly-harvested food.  They are committed to providing you with the best grocery experience possible, by regularly offering you wholesome foods at wholesale prices.  They work with a variety of farms and artisan producers to bring you high-quality foods and other items at prices that are up to 50% OFF what you’d typically find at Whole Foods and other grocers.

How does it work?

GrubMarket is a website, and very mobile friendly at that! With a few clicks your shopping needs can be met with fresh and healthy food that is now accessible to everyone US Nationwide with brilliant prices tout! Hey they even have specialty sections such as gluten free, paleo, organic and more!

I am so very pleased with our order. Each and every piece that was sent to our family was obviously chosen and packaged with care. Much of this looked better than anything that you would spend quite a while searching for in the local grocery store stands. I would much rather buy from such a source as GrubMarket since we’re not getting to any farmer’s markets easily enough here and boy does it make it easy for this mama!

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