Unwrapping the Pharaohs by John Ashton & David Down {Review}

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Unwrapping the Pharaohs by John Ashton & David Down {Review}Unwrapping the Pharaohs: How Egyptian Archaeology Confirms the Biblical Timeline by John F. Ashton

ISBN: 0890514682
Genres: Educational Resources, History, Study, Religion
Published by Master Books on 2006
Pages: 224
Format: Hardcover
Source: Publisher
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This beautiful book folds out to reveal glossy 11x17 layouts of the Egyptian pyramids, ancient tombs, tablets, and mummies. Plus authors John Ashton and David Down provide fascinating information about the architecture, timelines, and culture of Egypt during the times of Moses, Joseph, “King Tut,” and others. Don’t miss the opportunity to delve within the secret rooms of the pharaohs and find an astonishing connection to the biblical chronology.

Adults and children alike are fascinated by Egyptian civilization. But most modern archaeologists have lately tried to use Egyptian chronology to dispute the biblical record. Secular textbooks and videos challenge the faith of students and discredit the biblical account of Exodus. Those who wish to defend the accuracy of the Bible now have an incredible tool in this exciting book that provides compelling confirmation of the biblical account. Includes a free 90-minute DVD!

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The last few years I have been trying to slowly buy or get books for review that I know we will need in our schooling. This year I was so excited to acquire Unwrapping the Pharaohs: How Egyptian Archaeology Confirms the Biblical Timeline and I was mistaken at first to not realize there is a second book to add to our wishlist entitled Unveiling the Kings of Israel: Revealing the Bible’s Archaeological History. Can you guess what I hope to buy next?! It has already come up on our history cards as a reference!!


My book-in-hand is a heafty, durable hardcover. It is about the same size as The Stargazer’s Guide to the Night Sky or the Berean Builders science textbooks from Dr. Jay Wile in his Science in the Beginning series. On the same shelf, I also have my copies of The World of Animals, The World of Science, and MWF version of History of the World. The pages are glossy and full-color and I believe this reference book is built to last. I am quite certain we will be using it again and again through our history cycle with multiple students in our homeschool studies.

Many are fascinated with the Egyptian civilization, and most modern archaeologists have tried to use Egyptian chronology to dispute the biblical record of Joseph, Moses, and the Exodus. Coming from a biblical worldview, this provides an accurate and compelling chronology that confirms the biblical account

In addition to Unwrapping the Pharaohs and Unveiling the Kings of Israel, Master Books also publishes The Archaeology Book as part of the Wonders of Creation series. For those so inclined, they also provide a set of Lesson Plans using these three resources for the subject of Biblical Archaeology.


This year we are enjoying a gracious amount of material learning about the Old Testament and Ancient Egyptian times. Some of it is very mystical and full of guess work. Other pieces are full of historical background, evidence, and support. This book, Unwrapping the Pharaohs is in the later group full of details and brings a glance to Egyptian history to life. The chronology in this book confirms the Old Testament accounts of Moses, the Exodus, and Joseph as well as including fascinating facts about Ancient Egyptian civilization and life. Every page is filled with engaging text and more than 300 beautiful full-color photographs!


My review is not to debate Creationist science and this book is written from a “young Earth perspective” as are all wonderful materials provided by the people from Answers in Genesis. It is interesting as we use this one bits by bits and I absolutely consider it a reference book. I have heard some people state that it is too short and others too long, but I think that it is perfect for our purposes. While I would never sit and read this one cover to cover, it is definitely interesting enough to spend a long reading time in the text and equal if not more time (especially for the littles) to just flip the pictures and just imagine what it would be like.

Right now for us, we are reading the Biblical text, a historical fiction set in the time, watching film fiction set in the time, and reading other egyptological books here and there. Then we come back to this one and peruse. We re-read about this section or another and point out that this indeed must have been amazing for Abraham to see as he came upon the pyramids for the first time, after all he must have considered Ur to have been well established by the Chaldeans, but just look at what the Egyptians have accomplished in their monuments. The struggle between aw of people and of non-idological feelings must have been immense.

We are truly enjoying our studies this year and it’s amazing to imagine what else archeaological finds will be discovered next as who knew?! that the Rosetta Stone and the Egyptian past would be such an influence and excitement in today’s history class. I don’t think that Laura was reading about it, in her little house…

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