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We haven’t spent a whole lot of time on volcanoes. But they have come up as an interest piece that we have researched a little bit. I mean AppleBlossom has read Pompeii: Buried Alive! many a time. The Enginerd has made a few baking soda and vinegar eruptions on demand. We also have been known to be found on the floor immersed in reading Magic School Bus Presents: Volcanoes and Earthquakes as well as National Geographic Readers: Volcanoes and others.

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Volcano Experiement & Books for Kids – hello fun!Pompeii...Buried Alive! by Edith Kunhardt Davis, Kunhardt
Series: Step into Reading, A History Reader
Also in this series: Fish is Fish
ISBN: 0394888669
Genres: Juvenile Non-Fiction, History
Published by Random House Books for Young Readers on October 12th 1987
Pages: 48
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchased at local bookstore
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Illus. in full color. "The drama of natural disasters provides prime material to entice young independent readers. In this volume, the account of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius describes village life 2,000 years ago, the eruption itself and its aftermath, and the excitement when the buried town is rediscovered centuries later. A lively and factual glimpse of a devastating moment in history, in an accessible, attractive package."--Publishers Weekly.  


This level four early reader is one that I’ve seen on nearly all the lists for a recommended read. As soon as AppleBlossom was set free on an adventure of self-reading this was one that she read again and again recounting the adventure and fear that those people must have endured! This reader didn’t scare her with the tale, but filled her with a thirst for more.

Volcano Experiement & Books for Kids – hello fun!City on Fire: A Novel of Pompeii by T.L. Higley, Tracy L. Higley
Series: A Seven Wonders Novel
ISBN: 1401687520
Genres: Christian Historical Fiction, Historical Fiction
Published by Thomas Nelson Publishers on September 17th 2013
Pages: 386
Format: Paperback, eBook
Source: Purchased on Kindle
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A Jewish slave girl fights for her life in first-century Pompeii on the eve of the city’s destruction.Wealthy Roman patrician Cato came to the seaside town of Pompeii to build a new business, but hostility and outright corruption threaten his carefully laid plans and ignite his desire for social justice. Meanwhile, Ariella, an escaped Jewish slave girl, comes to town with a gladiator troupe. Disguised as a young boy, Ariella’s only ambition is survival.Ariella and Cato face political intrigue, religious persecution, and family peril even as the ominous mountain in the distance begins to spew its fire. They must bridge their differences to save the lives of those they love before fiery ash buries Pompeii, turning the city into a lost world.


While mamas can definitely enjoy books such as the Pompeii… Buried Alive! Sometimes we want a little more source, such as a full novel. Why not reach for a Seven Wonders novel from Tracy Higley? While originally printed in paperback as Pompeii from B&H Books and later released in all formats as City on Fire from Thomas Nelson. This is an adventurous tale! I have the original paperback, but I often find myself reading for my City of Fire kindle eBook copy as the newer cover is divine!

I wouldn’t hesitate to read City on Fire aloud to AppleBlossom, but I wouldn’t hand it to her to read alone.

Creative Madness Mama shares Volcano Experiements and books for Kids #science #homeschool

Volcano Facts for Kids

Before you jump into the volcano science experiment, share these interesting facts about volcanos with your little learners:

    • There are about 1,900 active volcanoes on the earth. This means they have erupted recently or they might erupt. Some volcanoes are extinct. Over 80 volcanoes have been found in the ocean.
    • Most volcanoes happen on fault lines, or cracks in the Earth’s surface.
    • Most of the earth’s volcanoes are in the Pacific Ocean, in an area called the Ring of Fire.
    • The word “volcano” comes from Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.
    • Lava from volcanoes can reach temperatures of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Volcanoes spew out ash and toxic gases, as well as lava and lava boulders.
Cool Volcano

Infographic from Visually

Volcano Experiement & Books for Kids – hello fun!National Geographic Readers: Volcanoes! by Anne Schreiber, National Geographic Kids
Series: National Geographic Readers
ISBN: 1426302851
Genres: Juvenile Non-Fiction, Nature & the Natural World
Published by National Geographic Children's Books on July 8th 2008
Pages: 32
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchased at local bookstore
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The cool story of volcanoes will intrigue kids and adults alike. Hot melted rock from the middle of our planet forces its way up through cracks in the Earth’s crusts, exploding violently and sometimes unexpectedly in volcanic fury that can terrorize populations for months, even years. Anne Schreiber’s narrative gives readers a little of the science, a little of the history, and a lot of the action. National Geographic photography fires the imagination on dramatic spreads alive with vivid images of lava, ash, molten rock, weird rocks, and steaming seawater.

We have a few omnibus all-in-one National Geographic Readers, and one of those includes Volcanoes! While I haven’t personally read this one, I know that AppleBlossom has easily been seen reading it more than once and retelling facts and details that she’s discovered.

Volcano Science Experiment for Kids

Check out how these kids use household chemicals to recreate a volcanic eruption!

Using the Volcano Kit from the video, little scientists are asked to mix chemicals to make the volcano erupt! This will be an experiment that Young Scientists will want to repeat again and again!

Volcano Experiement & Books for Kids – hello fun!Magic School Bus Presents: Volcanoes & Earthquakes: A Nonfiction Companion to the Original Magic School Bus Series by Tom Jackson, Bruce Degen, Joanna Cole
Series: Magic School Bus
ISBN: 0545685842
Genres: Juvenile Non-Fiction, Nature & the Natural World
Published by Scholastic Paperback Nonfiction on December 30th 2014
Pages: 32
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchased at local bookstore
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THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS PRESENTS VOLCANOES & EARTHQUAKES is a photographic nonfiction companion book to the original bestselling title, THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS INSIDE THE EARTH.
INSIDE THE EARTH from the bestselling Magic School Bus series taught thousands of kids about rocks, volcanoes, and the earth's core. MAGIC SCHOOL BUS PRESENTS VOLCANOES & EARTHQUAKES will expand upon the original title with fresh and updated content. MAGIC SCHOOL BUS PRESENTS VOLCANOES AND EARTHQUAKES will explore the explosive and earth-shattering forces of our planet. With vivid full-color photographs on each page as well as illustrations of the beloved Ms. Frizzle and her students, the Magic School Bus Presents series will enthrall a whole new generation of Magic School Bus readers.

Buy Magic School Bus books through Educents! http://www.educents.com/magic-school-bus-presents-volcanoes-earthquakes.html#creatmadne-20

Now from my youth, there was no science if it wasn’t enriched by the Magic School Bus! Now, there are non-fiction readers to go along!! I’ve bought every one I’ve found as they’ve been published. In the same fun format, but with much much more scientific reference details for your little learners.

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Magic School Bus Science Kits

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I have a few other titles on our wishlist that we haven’t read yet. Have you read them?
Should I add them to our purchase wishlist?

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