Well-Ordered Language: The Curious Child’s Guide to Grammar (WOL) {Review}

Well-Ordered Language Student Edition

*After reading my review, you might want to check out the free homeschool guide for adapting the current version of WOL. You might recognize my words. 😉 Have you pondered over the Course Plan of Study in the front of the Classical Academic Press catalog and wondered what you should do for your grammar study? Sure, you could do that repetitive scripted wonderfully hand-holding one, or you could immerse yourself in the jingle heavy one that is confusing to get started. Why couldn’t CAP just have their own program to fill the grammar gap? Oh, wait they will! WOL or rather the Well-Ordered Language is the Curious Child’s Guide to Grammar and it will be available God-permitting in the mid-spring! WOL is a set of two 8×11” books with each one covering one-semester. There is a Teacher’s Edition and a Student Edition. The Teacher’s Edition is a reprint of the. . .

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Who can deny free workbooks? (aff)

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Over the years, I have gathered a lot of good resource websites that I visit again. One such website that I am consistently pinning activities from in my lesson planning is Education.com. Did you know that from time to time they have free workbooks available? Well now is one of those times! Don’t miss this opportunity to get a glimpse at what this website is all about. . . No matter the grade level or what you’re studying there is a fine chance you’ll find something here designed and approved by other teachers. I have never been disappointed with a download or purchase from Education.com yet! There are many unique workbooks for math, science, reading, arts and more. *Please consider using the Creative Madness Mama affiliate link to help support and sponsor this blog and our family. Thanks! Even with your free purchase, it counts!

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