Awesome nail polish! 

Who wants a pedicure? My girls and I do and we are happily planning a tie spa day after all our homework is finished! I already knew I liked the quality of #sinfulcolors Professional line and now we are giddy to try some from the brand new #limitededition #kyliejenner collection! #nails #nailart #nailstagram #nailpolish from Instagram:


The moment when you are so enthralled with the homeschooling topics you’re studying you forget lunch. Let’s whip up a salad! Yum! #homeschool #lunch #villeroyandbochcottage #salad #thm from Instagram:

Salsa or salad? 

I ran out of salsa in the pantry and when I looked around I decided to throw a few fresh things together to attempt some salsa. It’s awesome! #salsa #lunch #summersnack #summer #food from Instagram:

The real me. . . 

The real me. It looks like my new specs chain for my reading/sewing glasses is the perfect color. What do you think? #nofilter #aboutme #sewing #sewingaccessories #crossstitch #crossstitchersofinstagram #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #craftbloggers #specschain from Instagram:

Homeschool Copywork: Lifetime Membership {Review}

Creative Madness Mama utilizes Homeschool Copywork in their homeschool day. #copywork #handwritingworksheets #hsreview

Homeschool Copywork  ~  ( is a nifty site, where the homeschool mama Amy Blevins has created an outlet to share some great compiled copywork and notebook activities (some with a Charlotte Mason flare). Through the TOS Crew we have been blessed with a Lifetime Membership, for the life of the website. *Use my link to visit Homeschool Copywork and Creative Madness Mama will get affiliate credit! Right now that includes more than 54 copywork PDF printable workbooks to choose from. Homeschool Copywork Membership Explained Homeschool Copywork is an online website where a membership will give you access to a plethora of copywork downloads. The blackline copywork ebooks for the preschool and early elementary ages are great with basic lines and thick line coloring page images.     For the purposes of this review, I downloaded the print Animal Alphabet copywork to use with the Princess, the A is for Airplane of the print Transportation copywork. . .

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Talking Fingers: Read, Write & Type {Review}

Talking Fingers Inc.  ~  ( has created hours of fun for both of my daughters as they are learning to Read, Write & Type. Through the blessings of the TOS Review Crew we have been given a one-year subscription to Read, Write & Type, which is good for multiple users. I am using this program with my six-year-old second grade advanced reader daughter and my four-year-old preschool daughter who is still working on her basic phonics (summer birthdays). We are an English speaking household (with a little French and German thrown in), but I easily see where this program would be very beneficially to an ESL classroom or family. Our family is using this as review of reading, and practice of writing, spelling, and a primer on typing for my AppleBlossom and an introduction to early reading and spelling practice for my Princess. How do we use this program? Talking Fingers: Read, Write. . .

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Times Tales {Review}

Creative Madness Mama and her students love the new digital Times Tales for learning multiplication facts! #hsreviews #math #multiplication

In the past I had heard of a program called Times Tales but I had never really looked into it more than a glance. Now that AppleBlossom is working on multiplication it seemed the perfect time to introduce this and look a bit further. Thus I found myself delighted when The Trigger Memory Co.  ~  ( ) blessed us with a review opportunity for the digital version of Times Tales through the TOS Crew. It has been the perfect addition to our math study time in this school year! *If you use our Affiliate link, Creative Madness Mama will get a little credit!  For the purposes of this review, we received access to a downloadable product, which contains everything that is on the DVD version. I had a bit of trouble getting it to a set place where we could use it, but that is on the fault of my own technology. The file sizes. . .

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Bride of a Distant Isle (Daughters of Hampshire) by Sandra Byrd {Review}

Bride of a Distant Isle

Last year, I found myself captivated by the writing in ‘s first book in the new Daughter of Hampshire series. I knew from reading that one as well as others in the past of Sandra’s historicals that I needed to plan some time. When I read Sandra’s books I’m not satisfied with a few minutes and done. I want to sit and pour in the details and get enveloped within the story. I have found that to be completely true once again with this latest book, Bride of a Distant Isle. Intrigue, friendship, romance, hardship, pride, adventure, feminist independence, and gentlemanly flirtations all reside within these pages.  In addition to these first two books, a third in the series, A Lady in Disguise is tentatively scheduled to publish in 2017 and I can already tell you that I eagerly await that next release as well!

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