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Homeschool Copywork Review

Homeschool Copywork  ~  ( a nifty site, where the homeschool mama Amy Blevins has created an outlet to share some great compiled copywork and notebook activities (some with a Charlotte Mason flare). Through the TOS Crew we have been blessed with a Lifetime Membership, for the life of the website. *Use my link to visit Homeschool Copywork and Creative Madness Mama will get affiliate credit! Right now that includes more than 54 copywork PDF printable workbooks to choose from.

Homeschool Copywork Membership Explained

Homeschool Copywork is an online website where a membership will give you access to a plethora of copywork downloads. The blackline copywork ebooks for the preschool and early elementary ages are great with basic lines and thick line coloring page images.


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Creative Madness Mama utilizes Homeschool Copywork in their homeschool day. #copywork #handwritingworksheets #hsreview

For the purposes of this review, I downloaded the print Animal Alphabet copywork to use with the Princess, the A is for Airplane of the print Transportation copywork for the Rascal to scribble upon, and some pages from both the Audubon copywork and Lewis Carroll poetry copywork, both in cursive for AppleBlossom to work through.

Homeschool Copywork is really enjoyed in the Creative Madness Mama family! #hsreview

Some people believe that copywork is just a penmanship exercise and while it is that, it is also much more than just that. Especially the purposes and benefits for copywork change dependently upon what topic you choose. I mean you could just pick and choose anything and go with it. But say that your daughter is already reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, and has thus become curious about the man Lewis Carroll and other writings of his own. This would be the perfect place to insert Homeschool Copywork’s packet for The Poems of Lewis Carroll. In this printable PDF packet, we have a short biography of the man Lewis Carroll and then page after page of our chosen text formatting of his poetry.

Variety of fonts

The different packets vary, but for instance in the John James Audubon Copywork, there are a plethora of choices from lined print, lined d’Nealian, lined cursive, print and cursive without the mid-line. There are thick line images to color on every page. I am especially a fan of the Audubon copywork as these are longer cursive pages, and thus there is an example to follow on one page, an on an alternate page are the blank lines for my student to use. AppleBlossom is so impressed with her work when she looks back and sees her words that she wrote all in a good cursive. She knows we still have some work to do to strengthen her skill, but when I pointed out that I could print the same page again for her to work on knowing which mistakes she made to watch out for more cautiously next time… I’ve never see a kid so eager for another school work page. (You cannot get that with a bough physical copywork book…)

Digital Copywork books

I believe that digital copywork books are the best. Not only are they again available for future children and students, but when one passage is especially needing practice, just printing another page is so simple.

Most often if you were to discuss with me homeschooling methods, I would tell you that we lean toward a Classical Christian Education method as I was taught to teach in a cottage school before my own children. But in many ways we often come at certain topics with a Charlotte Mason-like tone.  Homeschool Copywork is a full of products that can be easily used with nearly any homeschool method in my opinion, but is especially friendly toward Classical and Charlotte Mason minded educators.

With the Princess I was able to get an Animal Alphabet Copywork that had her writing and coloring and roaring along the way. Rascal, who is understanding letters at a time and just wants to play with trains and planes and scribble was glad to sit down with a page from the Transportation Alphabet Copywork, sure it is above him, but entertained him perfectly and later when he is on the Princess’ learning level will again be perfect for us to print again with him to work on his basic phonics.

Earlier in the year AppleBlossom and I were studying Audubon, so finding a huge packet with quotes from his letters and writings was a perfect find. She is not enamoured, but curious about his birds and thus has found herself very entertained using the lined cursive copywork pages from that packet to learn not only more about his birds, but also improving her punctuation and grammar from a skilled man of the past. Again, the same with Lewis Carroll, as she is starting to read his stories, she is eager to read and re-write out some of his short poems. She is working on grammar, punctuation, indentation, visual memory, and memorization from this packet!

There is something for everyone in the topical lists from Homeschool Copywork. Whether your student is into science/inventors, art, poetry, music/composers, history (including famous documents, holidays, and special occasions), and Bible scripture copywork… it’s all there.

We’re already planning for when to use the different poets, artists, and composers within our other standing curricula and pulling out fun things like Dragons of the Bible and seasonal copywork pages as well. Homeschool Copywork is definitely something that will be used again and again in our homeschool.

Amy Blevins, a mother of six noticed the benefits of copywork with her own children and designed the Homeschool Copywork website to share some wonderful organized materials. I believe that Amy has done a very good job in choosing the clip art/thick line coloring images for each page and my kids are already begging for more. The fonts and options, for lined or not, are great as I can print specific pages geared toward each student. I am completely a fan.

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Homeschool Copywork Review

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