Floss Tube Or Not To Floss Tube?

Funny thing, I wrote this post then was confused when I couldn’t find it. I accidentally wrote it on a old blog test site from my iPad and not Creative Madness Mama. Oops! I finall found it, however. 

Lately, I have really been spending a lot of time getting back into the groove of cross stitching. Truly I would say that cross stitching was my first crafty hobby. I started out with stamped quilted baby quilts, then moved on to wall hangings in both a combination of stamped fabrics and small count Aida material. I never really stopped, but I haven’t stitched regularly. It was more as the stitchy-bug hit here and there. When I was pregnant with AppleBlossom was probably the last time I did a big gift project. In recent years I have worked during certain holidays on particular seasonal pieces, but no real finishes. This last fall and Christmas season I successfully accomplished a quarter of my Fall Faerie and everything but the details in my Woodland Enchantress (both full coverage pieces by Ruth Sanderson and Dimensions Gold Collection kits with a combination of full cross, tent, and partial stitches). I still need to do the backstitching and a bit more for it to be totally done. But after that I was curious if Ruth Sanderson had other seasons, and thus my discovery of HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs). Then I discovered the HAED community on Facebook. 

HAED Challenge #2 Spring by Ruth Sanderson

and so it begins…

I had NO IDEA there were so many people out there that enjoyed stitching as much as I do! While it is true that I discovered quilting a few years ago. I still love it, but it is not as easy to do with the distractions of my littles running around. While I’d like sometime to schedule in for that, I cannot do it with runners flitting here and there. I need and want to focus on that projects. Plus, it was getting expensive and our current status in life doesn’t afford that. Not that my new addition passion of cross stitching is cheap, but it is less so that full quilt projects entailed. 

Patriotic Angel from Dimensions Gold


Now that’s another thing. One of the bits about quilting that I loved so much was the environment. The people and friends in my guild and my local shop. When we moved to west Tennessee one of the first things I did was research and visit every quilt shop in the area. That is not a friendly environment sadly. They were all very standoffish and in the opinion no other quilt shop could compare. It was so sad in comparison to Georgia where every shop had their theme and would recommend another for you if you needed something for a specific project. No so here. 

The people and new friends I’m making in the online cross stitch world are phenomenal. The big hearts and generosity abound and I’m delighted to be digitally surrounded by such incredible people. Ladies mostly, true, but there are a few stitchy dudes out there. 

Enchanted Auroa by Joan Elliott

And she’s off…

With all this said, lately in any spare time (did I mention I’m a stay-at-home homeschooling mama with littles and book blogger?!?) I have been with a full desire to stitch. I have begun my first HAED and have a few others in the lineup. I have also started my first and second Joan Elliott as well as a few other projects here and there. I did finish AppleBlossom’s birth sampler, and have a good start on one for the Princess and an idea or two of one for the Rascal. I just am really loving it again. 

Canadian Beauty by Joan Elliott

Now what?

So what do you want? Do you want FlossTube YouTube entries? Do you want to see me talking about the stitchy-business or do you want my text here jabbering on with pictures inserted? I’m curious about either direction. But I’m also curious whether it is even possible to video while fully-dressed, (nursing mother here! Just keeping it real!) and or without the preschool and toddler noises behind me?! You mean you cannot hear the meowing 19 month old beside me? You don’t hear the six-year-old singing Genesis to Joshua and the top of her lungs and the Princess mumbling something about ‘someday my princess will come’? Oh right, that is one of the benefits of words on a page. Hmm.. 


 *BTW. This is an older draft, as he is 23 months old now…

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