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Price of Privilege Trilogy by Jessica Dotta {Review}

It is hard to believe that it was actually a few years ago when I first read Born of Persuasion, the first in the Price of Privilege Trilogy by Jessica Dotta. I craved every page turn and enjoyed the entire novel from beginning to end. While it happened into my reading scheduled during a tough season in my life, I adored the novel. Being transported back to 1838 I was able to spend a few days captivated into a story filled with mystery of the past and secrets. This is completely an Austin meets Bronte novel that would appeal to many readers and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it and dive into the rest of the series. The next novel in the trilogy is the Mark of Distinction. I read part of this one and listened to the rest as an audiobook and it was again enchanting and entertaining with each new. . .

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ABeCeDarian Interactive Workbook (Online) {Review}

The ABeCeDarian Company has introduced an interactive version of their materials.  We have the opportunity to review their ABeCeDarian Interactive A Workbook. This is an online product and we attempted to use it on a 2nd generation iPad. This is not a “set it up and walk away” while your kid interacts with the program application. The ABeCeDarian Interactive Workbook absolutely requires the interaction of a guiding teaching through the use of the program. This is not self-correcting. It is an interactive electronic tool for teaching and working through the ABeCeDarian program, specifically for Workbook A in our instance. We did not enjoy our experience with the electronic version of the program. However going through the Teacher’s Guide, I fully believe that this is an incredible program when used properly. I think the physical program would be awesome, and have heard that it is as well. I believe that the interactive electronic online app version has. . .

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#HAED Challenge 3 #xstitch #WIP

“Spring” by @RuthLSanderson. This is my third started #HAED project. New start for 2016 Challenge 3. #xstitch #crossstitch from Instagram: http://ift.tt/29aS8HE Stopping point for the day. Also the end of these colors in the first row. Picking up a never ending color tomorrow! #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #haed Challenge 3. 1×1 on Laguna. #crossstitch #crossstitcher #crossstitching #crossstitchersofinstagram #ruthsanderson #summer from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2999K8r Progress on HAED Challenge 3 #xstitch #crossstitchersofinstagram #craftbloggers #crossstitching #crossstitcher #crossstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #haed #heavenandearthdesigns #ruthsanderson from Instagram: http://ift.tt/29npfeo

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Patriotic Angel #xstitch #WIP

Done for now. Gonna put it away until New Years or another patriotic holiday jumps on me. I should be able to finish it in another session or two. Just a little more background detailing and some backstitch words. #xstitch #angel #patriotic #july #july4th #dimensionsgoldcollection #xstitchersofinstagram #crossstitch #crossstitcher #crossstitching #craftbloggers #crossstitchersofinstagram from Instagram: http://ift.tt/29ssGNj

My School Year (Online Homeschool Record Keeping) {Review}

Recently, we have been using My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) from MySchoolYear.com to plan and track our school work. Thanks to the blessings of the TOS Crew, select reviewers will receive an Annual Membership. I have enjoyed organizing our lessons for the summer months and look forward to continuing to see what this program can do for us in the year to come.  My School Year is an incredible tool for homeschool organization. It has more features than I have the time to utilize as I try to be a pen and paper person, but if I had more time to commit to the program and sitting at the computer I would be so organized! This program has pretty charts, email reminders, capibilities to create transcripts and report cards. There are places for putting in graded assignments, attendance tracking, and scheduling of everything dealing with your school age student.. . .

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LearnBop for Families (Online Math) {Review}

My daughter enjoys math but can use all the math practice she can get, so we were excited to get a 12 month subscription to LearnBop for Families from LearnBop!   Before chaos ensued around here we were participants in a review for the Prepaid version (12 month subscription) for either the Single Student Plan, or the Family Plan (access for up to four students). At first we leaned toward the Family Plan, but then I realized this particular product starts in Grade 3, so we used it solely with AppleBlossom. She is almost seven and has started third grade material as of this summer. This is an online subscription. While she has accessed it via our Linux Ubuntu laptop running through Google Chrome moderated browser, for the most part I have her use the program using our iPad2 in the Puffin browser. Why do we use it? It helps me learn a. . .

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