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My School Year (Online Homeschool Record Keeping) {Review}

MySchoolYear.com Review

Recently, we have been using My School Year (Homeschool Record Keeping) from MySchoolYear.com to plan and track our school work. Thanks to the blessings of the TOS Crew, select reviewers will receive an Annual Membership. I have enjoyed organizing our lessons for the summer months and look forward to continuing to see what this program can do for us in the year to come. 

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My School Year is an incredible tool for homeschool organization. It has more features than I have the time to utilize as I try to be a pen and paper person, but if I had more time to commit to the program and sitting at the computer I would be so organized! This program has pretty charts, email reminders, capibilities to create transcripts and report cards. There are places for putting in graded assignments, attendance tracking, and scheduling of everything dealing with your school age student.

As you can tell from my image above, I adore the option for email reminders!

From the Homeroom or dashboard of the website once logged in I can pick a student and see their overview. There is not a page that I found where I can see them all at once, or in a calendar view which would be nice. But the listing out of various classes together for one student is a very nice thing to see.

I also truly appreciate the status graph which (after entering in all lesson plan details) shows how much progress your student is making in the class. This is a great visual tool for sharing with my daughter to show her that she really is progressing through!

It takes quite a while to set up all the lesson plans and details in the program and I think that if I were willing to spend more time at it, it would be fantastic. As for our homeschool, this is just not quite the method that works best for us. I think there is a lot of potential here and for some people I know that this program is going to be exactly what is needed.

My state does not currently require homeschool portfolio reviews, but if they did My School Year is exactly the type of program that I would want to fill all my data into. The pages and print outs are very organizations and professional looking to file for records.

Other great features include book lists and activities. I went back and forth a bit trying to decide whether I would label our private violin lessons as a class or as an activity, but I finally decided on activity. We were also able to add our new ballet lessons in there as well. The organizational possibilities are endless and if we were to truly use this to it’s full possibilities we would never miss or loss a detail of our homeschool years!

MySchoolYear.com Review

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Homeschool Record Keeping {MySchoolYear.com Review}
*I apologize for the delay in this review and lack of original pictures. We are all still trying to recover from the chaos of the last two months with a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage and surgery. 

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  • Hi Margaret,

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. The same thing happened to my wife and I in June this year. I pray for your continued healing.
    Thanks for the review. Glad you enjoy the graphs and charts. They are fun to view and kids get excited about their progress as you noted! I wanted to comment on a couple of items if I may.

    We now have an interactive calendar that shows the entire student’s schedule that was been wildly popular, and we continuing to enhance its functionality. For lesson plans, we enhanced our lesson plan generator to be even more powerful and versatile. Plus, don’t forget you can search and copy other member’s lessons to make life even easier on you. (No personal information is copied or shown for privacy reasons)

    Also, you mentioned a couple of very important points regarding record keeping in general: pen/paper and state requirements. We are very aware of this stance and cordially invite you to consider some alternative viewpoints that might have you re-think that point of view. Our blog on the real reasons to keep records https://www.myschoolyear.com/blog/top-10-reasons-you-need-homeschool-records/ doesn’t even include state requirements because of the necessity of records in general. As we both know, life can change very quickly and being caught off guard is not a pleasant thing to begin with.

    Our other blog https://www.myschoolyear.com/blog/beyond-pen-and-paper/ addresses some of the pen and paper concerns. Surprisingly, we are not saying pen/paper is “bad” or should be stopped. You have to use what works for you. What we are saying is that it complements your pen/paper. It also adds permanency and re-usability in ways paper just cannot.

    I hope you can make some time to check out those articles and again, we thank for your time you took to use and review My School Year Homeschool Record.

    Sincerely, Robert of My School Year Support