ABeCeDarian Interactive Workbook (Online) {Review}

ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews

The ABeCeDarian Company has introduced an interactive version of their materials.  We have the opportunity to review their ABeCeDarian Interactive A Workbook.

ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews
This is an online product and we attempted to use it on a 2nd generation iPad. This is not a “set it up and walk away” while your kid interacts with the program application. The ABeCeDarian Interactive Workbook absolutely requires the interaction of a guiding teaching through the use of the program. This is not self-correcting. It is an interactive electronic tool for teaching and working through the ABeCeDarian program, specifically for Workbook A in our instance. We did not enjoy our experience with the electronic version of the program. However going through the Teacher’s Guide, I fully believe that this is an incredible program when used properly. I think the physical program would be awesome, and have heard that it is as well. I believe that the interactive electronic online app version has potential, but is not where it should be yet.

This program is a phonemic-based leveled reading program. Our level starts with the assumption that a student is a non-reader which is right where we are with my second daughter, four-almost-five-years old with the attention span of a butterfly. The program continues to other levels which should get a student approximately through a sixth-grade reading level in Level D of the program. It is simple and to the point with skills. The name of the letters are not taught until later, and this is something new to me since I started teaching my kids with phonemic-based programs and I am quite a fan of this. I appreciate how quickly this program advances. My qualms mentioned above are not with the program in the least bit, just with the technology.

The benefit to the online version of the program is that you will not need a plethora of letter titles that are bound to get lost or stolen by the toddler while the preschool or elementary school student is trying to learn. I appreciate this approach to learning, but if I used it in future levels or with future children I would lean more toward using the physical version over the electronic interactive workbook. The Princess loves to use devices and is really excited when I give her permission to get on the iPad. However, she isn’t interested when I try to get her to sit down and work through this app with me.

The Teacher’s Guide is gold. It is huge at 166 pages and can be downloaded for free. While you can bumble through the online program and use it fairly appropriately when combined with the app it is incredible and explains everything. No matter your phonics basis, with the teacher’s guide you can be successful with this program.

I think there is a lot of potential here and I’d be eager to see how the program is adjusted over the years. Especially if it becomes more of an actual app rather than just online program used in a browser. It had a load time and tapping the touch screen was not always responsive and made it a little unfriendly for my low-attention-span child. But I love the concept of the program and definitely see some merit.


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ABeCeDarian Interactive Reviews

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