In the Arms of an Angel #xstitch #WIP

Status update on “In the Arms of an Angel” off the #qsnap 2×2 with skin 1×1 #lavenderandlace #xstitch #crossstitch #crossstitcher #crossstitching #crossstitchersofinstagram #xstitchersofinstagram #miscarriage #nofilter from Instagram:

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About CherryBlossomMJ

The Creative Madness Mama also known as Margaret is a Christian Stay-at-home Mama, married to the Enginerd, Quilter, avid reader and book-a-holic. A book blogger for bunches of different publicists. She loves to share the latest and greatest about books coming out as well as her quilt and other crafty projects with some pictures of her eight-year-old AppleBlossom, three-year-old Almond Blossom (the Rascal boy!), six-year-old OrangeBlossom (the Princess), and newborn Mermaid Warrior in between. Plotting to be a homeschooler, she's a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, babywearing, list making mama full of a little creative and a lot of madness.
  • Katrina Gormley

    It’s beautiful!
    I do have one question for you … I notice when you post pictures that you have floss hanging out of what I’m assuming is your last stitch in that area. Why do you do that? Do you then use that same strand to pick up in the next section? Do you have a “rule” about how far you will take a strand before cutting and restarting? I’m just curious. It’s interesting to see how others do cross stitch. I had a friend in college show me the basics, but other than that I’m self taught, either by trial and error, or by what I’ve read, so if there are better ways or more “right” ways I’m eager to learn them. 🙂
    I’ve been steadily working on a Thomas Kinkade scene for the past 9 months or so (I didn’t work on it for a few months in the middle of that time). It’s probably the biggest project I’ve ever tackled, and the funny thing I’m noticing is that because it’s so big I’m having a hard time hanging onto it (I don’t use a frame or hoop), LOL!

    • The long strands you see is called parking. Yes, I will use that same strand to pick up in the next section. If you look at the picture you can see a crease in the fabric a little below where I stopped. I had this project on a QSnap and just stopped the thread and parked it there (one half stitch of the full cross to show myself where I was). Right now I’ve actually started working on the lower portion. Most of the time when I pull threads of a DMC skein I pull one strand up as high as my arm will reach. I snip it, then fold it in half and do a loop start to keep a cleaner back on my project. When I have a large section that has a lot of the same color, I might tend to make a longer piece. (Not longer than I mentioned by my arm pull, but longer than just a gentle tug and snip.)

      I have seen such lovely Thomas Kinkade patterns, but mostly in kits and have heard that Design Works (who makes the Kinkade kit I desire) uses much inferior materials. I would love to just find a chart for the one, but they aren’t sold that way often. I believe his are often what I call full-coverage pieces. Definitely time consuming! What count and fabric is it that you are working on?

      This year I have branched out. While previously I had only ever used Aida cloth in hand or with a hoop. This year, I now have projects on Aida, linen, and evenweave using hoops, QSnaps, and an Enginerd designed tapestry frame too!

      • Katrina Gormley

        I am definitely going to try this, I can see where it could make things a lot easier!
        This Thomas Kinkade is a kit …. it was given to me. It’s the first kit I’ve ever done and it may very well be the last. I much prefer using DMC thread over trying to figure out what color is what in a mass jumble of thread that’s not labeled. This is a full coverage piece (also the first of those I’ve ever done). It is 14 count Aida. I’ve done several things on Aida over the years, and I know some people only ever stitch on Aida. I’ve done quite a few projects on linen fabrics, and I really like working with that. In some ways I actually prefer to stitch over two.

        • I’m all about finding ways to save thread and make things easier and more enjoyable.

          Yes, I love Dimensions quality but even then j do not like sorting the jumble of threads. Luckily some kits have sorted cards.

          Stitching two over two on linen and evenweave is definitely my new favorite. I preference 28count. Which is either the same as 16 or 18 I believe.