Cross Stich Update (September 2016)

This past year, my love for the sewing needlework art of cross stitch has taken me by surprise and a powerful passion. While I have been stitching on and off since around the age of fourteen, when I made my first stamped cross stitch quilt… This year I have discovered all sorts of new techniques and challenges and I’m loving every minute with a thrilling excitement.

At this point, I have started two HAED projects (long term, huge one over one designs of full coverage). I discovered Heaven and Earth Designs when I was looking to complete my seasonal fairies from a beloved artist Ruth Sanderson. I had started out with two Dimensions Kits of Fall Faerie and Woodland Enchantress. Right now, I have one completed page of four finished on the fall faerie and the woodland enchantress is completely stitched except for a bit of backstitching and beads. I discovered that originally HAED also so a form of each of these patterns, now retired, known as the Fall Fairy (with wings) and Christmas Fairy. I’m content with my Christmas Fairy, but oh what I would give for those Fall Fairy wings!! In the folder, I also have A Stitch in Time by Aimee Stewart and Secret Garden by Josephine Wall to do as well as a few more Ruth Sanderson charts.

Another designer that I have discovered this year is Joan Elliott. I have been collecting her patterns left and right and finally I have made a start on a few of them; including Little Stitching Fairy, Canadian Beauty, Snow Queen, Sleeping Beauty 2, and I have a few others kitted up and ready to go, and still others I have fabric, but haven’t pulled the floss for yet. When I start stitching for the Christmas season, I have a few that I plan to really spend some time with including Madonna & Child, the Snow Princess (Christmas Cross Stitch Treasures), Santa’s Workshop (A Cross-Stitch Christmas 2016), and if I have time some more. The best way that I have discovered to get Joan Elliott patterns outside of published books is directly from Joan herself, on her blog. She has a great system for ordering and invoicing via Paypal and the charts are huge and clear and beautiful!

My Enginerd went with me to the LNS (local needlework shop) one day and bought me a fall theme pattern to work on with the theme of Poe’s The Raven. So I am working on that La-D-Da pattern, but I also bought my first Mirabilia The Raven Queen and I am working on her side by side with The Raven. After that introduction to Mirabilia, there was the new release of her Rapunzel and I snatched that pattern up and I’m stitching right along as one of my current projects. There are other Mirabilias that I like, but none that I have gathered thus far.

After a certain set of circumstances in the early summer, I felt a bit of pity for myself and soothed my soul spending night and day stitching on my first Lavender & Lace (mother designer of the Mirabilia line). I bought several patterns not knowing which I would choose for what my outcome would be at that time, but ending up choosing In the Arms of An Angel. At this time, she is my closest finish. The stitching is finished, the backstitching is completed, two out of three colors of beads are attached. I just need to buy some petite seed beads of a particular aqua blue and she will be ready for framing. My other L&L in a pile are Guardian Angel, Sweet Dreams, and brand new in the mail yesterday Earth Angel.

Near to lastly, I just joined a Lakeside Needlecraft Durene Jones Fantasy SAL (stitch-a-long) with a digital pattern and I need to get fabric for that one…

Otherwise, in my tote is a Christmas Angel vintage kit of a Laine Gordon design. And I think that about covers most of my current projects. I did buy a second Fishing kit to make for my brother… but then there are just lots of things in my stash, but these are my main projects I’m focused on.

Right now, I need to keep on stitching. But I also need to buy some Mill Hill Beads 42017 and a bit of Kreinik here and there for different projects. Otherwise, I need a few bits of fabric and then I’m golden!

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  • Melissa

    I love your projects! They are all so pretty! – I have done some cross stitching in the past – and really enjoyed it.