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I figured it has been a few weeks since my last hey, how you doing post, so that is what I’m here to do today. Last time, I checked in I was talking about our trip to the beach and how we were all recovering from my miscarriage this early summer. Well the late summer threw us for a loop as well as I found out in early October that I am pregnant again. This is the sixth time I have been pregnant and it is a realization with tons of emotions this way and that. Personally, due to the circumstances of the last few months I have to confess to quite a bit of trepidation. Only time will tell and it is all in God’s hands is it not?

When your plans change. A topic that gets a little personal from the Creative Madness Mama.

Here is a sneak peak… Next appointment is November 15th!


I have still been cross stitching a lot and even did a bit of machine embroidery for a local church. I wouldn’t mind adding such things to my daily tasks if I could make a few dimes here and there. In case you missed it, I did finish my In the Arms of an Angel cross stitch piece from the Lavender & Lace Designs line in a way of stress and recovery relief. We have not yet framed it, but I am hoping that the Enginerd will be able to create a frame for her. I know that I still need to take lots of up close pictures, before she goes behind glass.

In the Arms of an Angel

Other projects include a good start and page and a half completion on Summer Fairy by Ruth Sanderson from Heaven and Earth Designs (HAED). I’m also picking back up the Dimensions Gold Collection kit of the Fall Faerie and will be curious to see how far I can get on this project as I have been working so much with 1×1 on 28 count and the Fall Faerie is 2×2 on 18 count! With the other Dimensions Gold Collection kit, Woodland Enchantress (Christmas Fairy) I am finishing up the last of the backstitching and adding on decorative beads. I’m changing some of the charted French knots to beads and petite seed beads, but I am very excited about how it is looking so far!

A finish, or rather mini-finish I accomplished for October is my first month for the Lakeside Needlecrafts 2016 Fantasy SAL featuring Durene Jones’ designs. My little October witch is adorable. I did a conversion of just using colors in my DMC stash, and converted her skin to 1×1 and green for a good wicked witch. I also left out the spider, and added a Joan Elliott cat (from her Bewitched Cross Stitch book).


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