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How about something thinking outloud? (Homeschool)

We must make some changes. This is spun from a text I sent to a friend, but I would love more advice from many of you seasoned mamas. Basically without getting too many names involved, where we live we either have to be in an umbrella, or distance learning private school, or with the county. For my oldest, we have chosen to have her in a distance learning private school which was great until they changed all the requirements this year the day before classes officially began. It has been a stressful nightmare. It is no longer homeschool but school at home with crazy busy work and deadlines that just don’t work. My daughter is seven, working mostly at a third grade level in fifth grade math. With certain things she needs a bit more time but can do it. But with their new deadlines it doesn’t matter and no grace is given.

After my husband and I spent a while discussing a purchase he needs for his vehicle and looking at photos of type, color, shape, purpose of one over the other etc. I talked to him about what I have submitted and what else is due. (Submissions are due Friday) She has most of Latin, but there is a translation at the end of ch 16 they want and a unit 3 test and we’re only starting unit 3. In Saxon the next investigation is ten lessons away. The test they want is 9 and we are one lesson from being able to take test 5. Shurley she just hates from boredom. I need her to finish a workbook page and a test from ch 11, but she’s stalled in ch 9. And geography is boring her this year so we haven’t even started those bits.

I can make things delayed and work for this quarter. BUT there are two full quarters ahead of me. And less than half a pregnancy. And violin and ballet. And it is just misery. So he has said, do it join HLA for her. But he has also said tell  and see if they would accept submits from where we are with the understanding of how she is advanced but young. She is working on maturity, attention, and independence and just not at the pace of other advanced third graders. If she was in her age-grade level it would be a completely different story. Some 7 year olds are still in first, most in second, but she is in a moderated third. And hates half the curriculum.

Previously they told me because of the changes a slight extension could be made. However without a doctors note of her being special needs no alterations or substitutes can be made. In my opinion this is not homeschooling.

There is not enough time to snuggle and play with The toddler like he needs before he is not the baby. There is not enough patience left to casually teach The kinder to read with frustration showing through. The seven year old is learning all about deadlines and stress in meeting them and losing the awe and love of learning new things and discovering the love of learning for a lifetime. It’s not right.

So, what’s next?

Do I join HLA (umbrella)  and then just try to submit with what I can? Do I drop all and just finish up the Live class? If we drop things in favor of preferred, how should I finish the year? Drop Latin for now? Go back to R&S Math? Focus on $$$ IXL? Drop Shurley and do LOE Essentials? Drop Legends and just discuss geography as we come across it in literature? Drop spelling aside from as needed? Finish Online History and Bible as we can?

(I have R&S Math and know we like it. Saxon was new this year. I have LOE Essentials vol. 1 from a review and we loved it. We have already paid for IXL for the year.)

So that’s History, Bible, Memory, IXL (math, LA, social studies, science) practice, Math?? Possibly grammar, spelling, reading and vocabulary skills in LOE Essentials. And reading for pure joy from a decent classics list and kindle on wifi attached to a library card. Is anything else really needed??

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