Laughing at myself – curriculum thoughts

Today I stumbled across an old forum post that I wrote about this time last year.

I hope I’m not too late to join the party! The Princess, is my “spirited” four year old. Night and day scholastic comparison to her sister (my six year old accelerated student, finishing second grade) so it is quite the adventure to try to understand her. We have been using Preschool, then SC:A-C. With the older, it was checkbox it all and keep trekking. With the Princess, we have two good days and then she refuses it all and prefers disruption and drama. I’ve given up on structure with her for now. We pick and choose from the read aloud lists on the levels I mentioned. She also is working on the A-I workbooks after the other A-D series also from R&S in addition to Alphabet Books, Numbers Books, and FSR. She has lost Book A, so I’m hoping to continue on with Book B, with the hope that A will reappear.

She is a munchkin and non stop talker, the extrovert in our mostly introvert family. She always wants to “be with” everybody and never “be alone” so it is only recently that I’ve gotten her into Strawberry Shortcake dolls (which she cannot have around her baby brother) which forces alone time, blissfully.

This year, as she turns five (in the summer) I’m going to attempt for real structure with her, but as of yet… Who knows…

My oldest will be a 7-yr-old third grader and the Rascal will turn two, also in July. Time?!


I just had to reply to the thread again today, while snickering to myself.


I have to laugh. I decided to search “spirited” to see if anyone has said anything awe inspiring that I can take to heart in regards to my own spirited princess. Too funny to read this old post.

As now appears to be just about a year later. Side note, around this time last year I was finding out a new pregnancy was actually a blighted ovum impending miscarriage. You may have seen the cross stitch angel I did for my own therapy and recovery. It has come to my attention that within about three days of completing that stitch, is when I actually conceived this pregnancy. So this year, instead of impending doom, we are three weeks from greeting our newest daughter. Miraculous ways ‘eh?

But back to school.

The spirited princess is now almost six and still in FSR B. Still working on some of the Alphabet and Numbers Books, and about halfway through Beginning Arithmetic part 1. She cannot read yet and every day is a fight of dramatic proportions. At this point, as long as she does a page a day, I’m showing her excitement hoping the next day shall be with progress as well. The plan is SC2 next.

The almost three year old Rascal follows along orally with things I do with the Princess. He cannot write or even hold a writing implement, however orally he is sounding out words, playing the Bob Books app appropriately, answers math questions and counts. He is an Enginerd in three making and knows colors, shapes, and all that jazz. I see him being academic like my oldest but do not plan to start him in JrK until age four or when he starts showing more interest in writing. We are doing a loose MP Preschool led by my oldest to “teach” him. I’m contemplating HWOT PreK for him.

My oldest, the main student is having an interesting year. She’s only a few weeks into 3M and going so slow this year. But we have a few self-pace and one live class she’s is near to finishing up on so after that I expect her to speed up a bit. She loves to read, but hates comprehension so I’m trying to make a healthy mix of discussion and comprehension without letting her skip it altogether. She’s is on lesson 7 of Farmer Boy. Lesson 3 of most other MP Guides. And Lesson 25 in Exploring Arithmetic. Next year, I think I plan to just continue 3M and see where we get.

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