• The Mystery of History

45. 20. 6. 4. 13. 11. So many numbers on this mama’s mind!

An app I’m testing out, tells me that 45 days ago my daughter was born. 45 days ago, five weeks early we got a wonderful eight pound surprise in a perfectly healthy little Mermaid Warrior. June 20th, last year, was a day when my heart broke as I endured my second miscarriage followed by necessary surgery. Six is the number of times I’ve been pregnant. Four is the number of live children I have. Thirteen is the quantity of years my world has revolved around my Enginerd, and eleven is the number of years that I have legally called him mine. It seems that for many months, I have meant to sit down and write this post. Yet I kept keeping myself back. It’s personal. It’s not full of photos. It probably won’t get a single comment. But isn’t that why we started blogging in the first place, back when, to share our. . .

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Homeschool Planet (Online Planner) {Review}

    Several years ago I discovered the Homeschool Buyers Co-op and ever since I have been delighted with the organization and have made many purchases. It is a blessed time again, and thanks to the Homeschool Review Crew, we are once again reviewing an updated Homeschool Planet online planner and their new Lesson Plan Marketplace features. I truly enjoyed Homeschool Planet, when we first reviewed the product in 2015, and I have used it often since then. My favorite preference is especially when scheduling something that uses the computer as it makes things so easy as a click for my daughter. For the purposes of this review, I was given a 12-month membership to the planner as well as life-time of the product access to one lesson plan that I can add to my overall planner with a few clicks. (And again in the future, when my next child comes up to. . .

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