Summer is mandatory, this year…

I am absolutely a lover of the idea of a Sabbath school schedule, or year-round schooling. But this year. We need a summer. Last year was a trying school year with a high level of stress increased by the emotions of a miscarriage and successful pregnancy. The baby Mermaid Warrior is two months old, the toddler Rascal is turning three this week, the Princess (still toddler in many ways) is turning six in August, and the eldest – my super hero loving adventurous bibliophile is turning eight in the end of July.

Summer vacation = Rascal’s birthday through AppleBlossom’s birthday and on until right after the Princess’ birthday. Our summer will be birthday season. While this will not qualify in the future for Mermaid Warrior’s birthday, she can stand in as an anticipation celebration about the break of schooling to come.

So many things in our non-class time is educational. Most of our toys are meant to be educational and encourage learning. I’m not worried about having unintelligent children. I just need to remember that a break is necessary after a while, and I do not have to check every box.

Do you ever feel that way?

We talked about it all today. With days until little brother’s birthday, it was time to discuss it. I’m tired and consistently finding myself with, “go do school work” on my lips with no particular plan in mind. So, here’s the deal…

I pay for IXL, so it is mandatory. You must do it every. single. day. We also pay for self-paced history and it expires, so you must do it until completion, however fast you desire. If you finish New Testament, Greece, and Rome we will consider when to start Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation if you want or we will wait until after middle sister’s birthday. Otherwise, as long as you read at least two-hours every day… you MAY do whatever school work you desire. Remember the more you do now, the further along and less you’ll have to do in the autumn.

They agreed to this, while nodding and sorting out the Family Counters, working out math stories and imaginative play. Then continued sorting by size, shape and color. The coloring books (adult and subject themed to history and Bible studies) are sitting nearby with my special adult coloring markers/pens on the children’s table waiting in anticipation. Books are labeled and the reader knows to seek out the yellow ones for herself, but that any purple, orange, pink, red, or even next year’s green are fair gain if she is willing to read out-loud to littles.



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