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This is a newsletter for the happenings of the Creative Madness Mama Frontier Girls of West Tennessee… 

Last year, we slacked horribly with Frontier Girls. I tried several times to get things going with other local people, but schedules never went together and then I just stopped trying. Then there was all the medical stuff with a miscarriage and a new pregnancy, and yeah. It wasn’t the right season for us. Yet this brings us to now! Baby Mermaid Warrior is almost four months old, curriculum is picked and girls have started in our homeschool, and little Rascal brother is curious to learn. Plus mama feels like planning a field trip or two and the creative side is brewing.

Thus, here we are!

We are so excited to be starting a new year with our participation in the Frontier Girls as a Pioneer Troop. Now, my eight-year-old AppleBlossom has crossed over to participate as a Dolphin Level this year, while my six-year-old the Princess will cross over her first level jump to the Otter Level, and my three-year-old Rascal boy will start to participate on the Quest Preschool Level. We did not do a round-up for our last year as things were pushed to the backburner. But as the girls were removing their old badges from their vests this morning, I did hear AppleBlossom say something about 100 badges. Whew!


Because last year was a bit on autopilot, the girls did not really earn any awards, but AppleBlossom has been reading about how to earn awards today and she is plotting out a possible path which might change things for her in that regard this year!

Frontier Girls Motto

Both girls still have the motto memorized, and we source it nearly daily!

If you see a need, take the lead!

Big plans for this year are to work on memorization of the Promise and the Creed.

In 2015, we did a lot of stuff for Johnny Appleseed and Apples, it may just be time to return to those topics for a refresher course!

During 2016-17 we did not do much in the way of listing and remarking on badges, but if I truly sit down and think about it we did have some adventures and things to introduce to the kids that we can go back through and study a bit to make it badge-worthy such as fishing, camping, tent camping, cabin camping, fish hatchery, rivers, lakes, hiking, overlanding, and so much more. Oh the planning for this year is going to be fun! I can just feel it!!

September & October

During the months of September and October, my three littles are going to be pursuing a passion of theirs, RUNNING! The local big city’s Runners Club is having their annual Kids Run and there will be four weeks of training celebrated at the end with a race. The distances will vary for the age group in which each of my offspring participates. None of them are currently grouped together. So, I’ll go with Mermaid Warrior in sling and with the Enginerd’s help try to keep eyes on all three kiddos at once as they run around like wild animals learning the finer and important parts of how, why, where, and when to run.

Distances by ages:
4 & Under – 100 yard dash
5-6 yr olds – 1/4 mile
7-8 yr olds – 1/2 mile
9-10 yr olds – 1 mile
11-13 yr olds – 2 miles

MRTC-KIDS! Coaches: The kids will be broken into appropriate ages and skills levels. We will have skilled coaches for each group.

For the remainder of September, we will continue to work along in some curriculum choices that we have made for the year. AppleBlossom is studying the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation so I’ll start collecting ideas there, but that is a year long study. The girls and I together are using America’s Story 1 (Master Books – referral link) studying, so far, the Bering Strait and the first Americans, Vikings, and soon Columbus.

  • Chapter 1: Who Lived Here First?
  • Chapter 2: Leif Ericson, the Christian Viking
  • Chapter 3: Christopher Columbus & other European Explorers
  • Chapter 4: Settlements, Mosquitoes, & an Indian Princess
  • Chapter 5: Pilgrimage to Freedom


While we have studies Columbus in the past, I’m not sure if we have actually earned a badge on him… This year is a perfect opportunity and an exciting one at that, as the Nina and Pinta are headed back up our good ole Mississippi River again soon which will provide a great scenic backdrop to truly bring his adventures alive!

New Curricula!!

I know this isn’t the post to tell you about several curricula changes, but we have some! I’m sure I will get more verbose about that in another post, but I just want to touch on a little.

Math Lessons

Our Math Lessons for a Living Education is an addition to our arithmetic lessons (Master Books – referral link) and it is actually so much more than just mathematics. My girls are getting science and real life examples with botany and zoology and more! All budding badge ideas!!

The Good & the Beautiful Language Arts

I do not even know how to start telling you about this new jewel to our school day. There is a lot of classical elements and vintage gems to fill our day and I know there will be things jumping up here from time to time to enhance our choices for badge learning opportunities as well.

Swimming Creatures

Did you hear me going on and on and on the other day about Apologia’s newly updated high school text for Marine Biology? Well, we’re working on the elementary version’s Swimming Creature of the Fifth Day as well and oh let me tell the there are so many fascinated facial expressions and glee from these kids! All of them! I really hope we can finish this one up with a trek to an aquarium again. One can pray it’ll happen!! (Seriously, woman. Quit with the exclamation marks… I read the other day that good writing needs great vocabulary where exclamation marks are unnecessary. One day, maybe that will be me.)

Field Trips

Oh come on! You know, I just love to travel! Road tripping is my joy!! While doing it with a newborn is a bit of a technical stretch, I still love the journey and the adventure along the way as well as the destination in the end. In the new few weeks, we have a trip planned and I just might have to pick a few destinations to stop and find learning opportunities all the while traveling. Cannot wait! Then of course, at our destination, there might be some field trip opportunities then as well… Oh Atlanta, I hear you calling… 

Life. Weather. What is.

This summer is an odd one. From hurricanes to floods to forest fires to more hurricanes we’ve been pulling out the science readers to learn just what is going on. I’m trying to teach (especially AppleBlossom, as she is the one old enough to “get it” a little more) not to fear the elements and nature as much as to learn about it and respect the power that does exist so we can make wise decisions as it may or may not affect us.

So, will you join us?

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