CTCMath Online Maths Tutor {Review, 4th Year}

CTCMath Online Maths Tutor {Review, 4th Year}

While it is true that I was on the Math Team in my youth, mathematics is not always my favorite subject to teach. This is why CTCMath Online Maths Tutor is a real blessing to my family, we started with an Single Membership several years ago, but right now a Family Membership is exactly what we need as I have added three of my students to our account. For the purposes of this review, we received a one-year subscription added on to our account, and by the way homeschoolers can get 60% off + 6 bonus months. If you’re curious, check out the Free Trial!! (These two promotions end November 15, 2017!)


What is it?

CTCMath is an online membership. Our account is set to a Family Membership, and each of my three students have a unique login and dashboard. Over the past several years since I first started using online resources to supplement and enhance our homeschool education I have attempted a few different programs for math practice. What I love about CTCMath is that it is not just a math practice website, although it is that. It is much more and teaches and that is key! Each lesson has a short video presentation with visual representations. Although the clip art is sometimes silly, my kids love it and their attention is caught and they are learning. From my three-year-old doing the absolute basics of learning Numbers 1 to 5, to my six-year-old working on Numbers to 20, and my eight-year-old working on multiple digital multiplication and Fractions we are able to cover it all.

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We are working at a self paced program appropriate for each and every one of my students. Nobody is left behind and no one is being pushed too fast. We are able to skip videos if a concept is already understood and we can watch a video again and again as much as a review is necessary. So far with all of the concepts studied with CTCMath, my children do not need further explaination as the little video lesson covered the concept. I’m eager to see how this will continue as they get into further topics.

When we first started using CTCMath I was entertained by the accents and the coverage and step by step processes to teach a concept. In another review, I mentioned that I was excited by the addition of the ability as a Teacher/Parent from my account to be able to add Tasks for each of my individual kids where they need to work. These things and more still excite me, but my new favorite bit is the check box I found where I can remove the grade level from the task request. Thus, when my one student needs to work on something remedial that a younger sibling may be working on she doesn’t see is as a task beneath her, but just one more math task to complete and strengthen her skills.

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The Parent/Teacher Dashboard is one of my favorite features, as I can check on what they have been working on specifically by lesson titles and date. Also, at a glance I can see how they are doing in their overall grade, and I can set what I WANT a passing score to be depending on what may be appropriate for that student.

How we are using it

My oldest is the main student that is using CTCMath nearly daily. While I still have her working in a workbook format math program, she is starting to become disenchanted with school work and the daily grind, so bringing back something fun and interactive with videos and clicking of a mouse has been very appropriate for her.

My middle child has hit a little bit of a brick wall on advancing in skill levels, which has been compromised by the fact that her toddler brother is catching on to learning things very quickly. While she only does a lesson or two every other day or so, it is the appropriate move for her. Especially when I can remove the grade assignment and she can just see her grades going up. Continue from the blue and into the green area.

My toddler and preschool boy is only just now getting his introduction to using technology for school learning beyond his favorite public broadcasting character educational games. He is learning and doing so well with it. I hope that we can keep this enthusiasm and keep it in a learning range of working with this program.

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We think

We think that CTCMath is a program to keep. Each of us loves it for different reasons and it works. It is truly a homeschool mama’s friend. I love the immediately available status updates. I appreciate the weekly reports where I can save their for records if I wish or show them to the Enginerd. The summary reports, the details reports, the certificates for accomplishments are all just what this mama needs and wants.

Everything I have said in past year reviews remains true and improvements have been made that make me love the program even more. Make sure to check back and read my original, 2nd year, and 3rd year reviews for screen shots that still hold to accuracy of what we see on the inside of our CTCMath account.


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CTCMath Online Math Tutoring {Reviews}

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