Cross Stitch #WIP Updates (November 2017)

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Should I even try to look up to see how long it has been since I made a stitchy update on the blog? I mean beyond an Instagram re-post, an actually, hey this is what’s up with me and my needle post… hmm… Let’s not and just pretend I’ve been here all along. Well, in all honesty, since the last time I was rambling here I have had three finishes including In the Arms of an Angel (Lavender and Lace 47), Woodland Enchantress (Dimensions Gold Collection by Ruth Sanderson aka Christmas Fairy), and Patriotic Angel (Dimensions Gold Collection).

This is in addition to the earlier finish of my oldest daughter’s Holly Hobbie (Bucilla) birth sampler which I believe I have shown you previously. Through out this year and last I have been stitching away, but things have been chaotic with taking a new avenue in our homeschooling methods as well as keeping up with review products and the whole growing, birthing, and taking care of a newborn baby. You know, that Mermaid Warrior girl, the one that will be SIX MONTHS OLD this week! Eek. Speaking of November. It’s my birthday month. Acknowledge me people, you’ll totally make my day. 😉

This year I have not worked on my HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) projects quite as much as I did in 2016, but I’ve not given up. I hope to pull some out of them soon. I have been rotating a lot, and I do not have a rotation, but a grab what I want to work on policy. My main projects have been some new SALs (stitch-a-longs) and of course my Joan Elliott and Mirabilia designs. Quite a bit of progress has been made on my Little Stitching Fairy and now that my Fairy Alphabet chart has arrived I cannot wait to put in a good deal more work on this one!

While I also have a needle in quite a few others such as Canadian Beauty, Madonna & Child, Santa’s Workshop, Winter’s Grace, The Snow Princess, The Snow Queen, Sleeping BeautyChildren by the Seaside and Year of Magical Stitches…. I am spending the most time with Enchanted Aurora. Oh! I just received my chart for The Time Traveler (as well as The Maiden & the Dragon!!) and I’m impatiently waiting for my hand dyed Fantasy Dyed Fabric and certain DMC Floss, Kreinik, and Mill Hill beads to get her going!  I share all my WIP updates on my Instagram @CherryBlossomMJ but I’ll try to get them on my computer in the future for updates to go on the blog as well. (Joan Elliott charts can be purchased directly from Joan on her website.)


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  • Katrina

    All your pieces are so beautiful. You continue to amaze me … how you manage to get as much done as you do while homeschooling and corralling kids is beyond me. ~Katrina

    • Commentary like that makes my day Katrina! And now I’m trying to go crazy keeping up with my Fitbit to boot!