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There were those mornings during my pregnancy with the Mermaid Warrior where I was not up to being the homeschool mama that I wanted to be. Then it became those nights with a newborn and the mornings that followed. Now she is six months old, but we still nurse through the nice and my sleep is interrupted if not missing. (She is such a good baby, you guys!)

The Princess has always been an early riser. To be fair, I have memories of getting up and going downstairs to turn on the TV to static waiting for the early morning educational shows to eventually come on. But back to today, she wakes up and starts to play and with her imagination or toy of choice there is either Legoes crashing, dolls chatting, vintage Littlest Pet Shop zoo escaping events, Little People race track races or something else just as noisy. This of course gets her brother (3) involved and the noise just rises.

Yeah for cuteness and imaginative play right? Not when I need those two more hours. The Enginerd leaves in the five o'clock hour and I then leave the Mermaid Warrior in the bed with me and we get our deepest sleep. (Don't get me wrong, when he was away for an extended weekend I got an average of three hours of sleep a night. Now that he's home, I've gone up to a six hour average!) But I don't need the littles getting up and starting loudly.

What happens is I wake cranky and tired. The day starts wrong and in our homeschool world almost never gets turned around. Bad day. Bad mama.

I started trying to find a compromise of when big sister wakes up you can watch a DVD. This merged into watch an educational DVD. Now, we have started a new week (four days in) of you can watch Latin. The girls have in their own decided to alternate mornings with Song School Latin and Latin for Children. This has been a game changer

I still wake up to noise, but often it is silliness with a Latin jingle or to the Rascal giving me a kiss with a "Mama, I luv yous" commentary. A request for AppleBlossom to fix them breakfast (granola, cereal or oatmeal) or to report the weather.

But I can wake up smiling at the baby looking up at me and snuggling close. I can whisper, "I love you too" to the Rascal if he waits long enough for a kiss and a squeeze. I can mumble assertions about breakfast (and not have to fix it myself when I'm vertical!) to the oldest. And I can start my morning watching joy and learning on my spirited Princess' face instead of grumbling and anger.

World of difference and highly recommended.

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