Why I may start Bible Journaling…

Years ago, as in high school years, I remember spending hours in the local Christian Book store seeking the perfect Bible. I was a doodler and a notetaker, and I needed big ole margins and it was so hard to find what I needed. Eventually I settled on The Inductive Study Bible. I used it so much that the leather-like cover was in tatters and it was written all over. When I got married to my wonderful Enginerd I left it behind and replaced it with a lovely embossed Life Application Study Bible (with NO margins to speak of!). I still highlight, and write down the edges, but it has never been the same. Often time I remember the fun I had with my long term high school Bible and miss it, miss the experience and the hours of study that went in to it.

You see, that one had an old high school boyfriend’s handwriting in it, and I wanted to let that go and move on. So I did, but I guess I replaced it with the wrong thing. A few years ago, when Bible Art Journaling took hold with the masses, I laughed as I used to do that. I just sorta grinned when it came across a feed here and there, but realized I couldn’t really do much about it anymore. Not with what I have available. I’m a stitcher, a quilter, a cross stitcher, and not a crafty scrapbooker. That is beyond me. But then I was perusing YouTube on a quiet weekend afternoon and discovered Rebekah R. Jones‘ channel.

I have decided to jump in! Using Rebekah’s affiliate links for Amazon and Scrapbook.com (I have my own Amazon links, if you’re up for supporting Creative Madness Mama! <3 )

I placed an order for a few things from Amazon, a few from Scrapbook.com, and a few from Joann.com. I even went on to visit the Hobby Lobby and Michaels for a few clearance items and 40/50% sales. So I have a few stickers and cling stamps now and acrylic blocks. I’m waiting on some gesso, distressed inks, and blotting tools. My local stores really didn’t have much, and the prices were just okay. I want this to be a passion study and not a reason to spend money that I don’t have, you know? So as my new tools and toys are coming in, I’m putting them in a box that we’ll wrap up for me for Christmas.

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Yesterday, I also stopped by the local Lifeway Christian Store and with the help of a very wonderful employee, I studied the current options of Journaling Bibles available. You see, yes, I do have dozens of Bibles on my shelves for various purposes and translations and studies. But none. NONE of them have margins worth speaking of. I did have an ESV Journaling Bible, but on a whim and a push gave it away to a friend in need last year. Partially patting myself on the back, partially kicking myself. I do have an Illustrated Notetaking HCSB, but my eight year old artistic daughter has absconded with that and I don’t have the malice to steal it back. I mean, hello, kid loves her HCSB and the princess HCSB Illustrated Study Bible one too!

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While I was there I was taken by surprise with how many journaling, notetaking, art journaling specific Bibles are all square. What is up with that? It is too complicated to have one, say, you know, Bible size? The square shape feels odd to me and puts me off. But I want to find a way to do this again, and do it well. It may be another great fodder for my Instagram @cherryblossommj feed, after all as well as for our personal benefit. I’m hope that I can really use this to jumpstart a study with my girls to go a bit further than the Bible story books take us.

My current thinking…

At the bookstore, I was most pulled toward the idea of NKJV Beautiful Word Coloring Bible or the NKJV Beautiful Word Bible. But I also really love the exterior of the teal blue NKJV Journal the Word Bible. Again, like I said, I was just stalled by the square shape of the books in person. I surprised myself by feeling quite attracted to the coral and teal ESV Journaling Interleaved Bible. I did not see that affection coming, but right now it is topping my list.

A couple interesting things I learned.

    1. If it says “Journaling Bible” it is ESV, that is apparently Crossway Books specific term. Their illustrated version is called the ESV Illuminated Bible.
    2. “Journal the Word” is from HarperCollins Christian Publishers and in otherwords depending on the translation is either Thomas Nelson (KJV/NKJV) or Zondervan (NIV). Their illustrated version is called The Beautiful Word Bible.
    3. Illustrated Notetaking/Notetaker’s Bible, I have seen as both HCSB and NKJV from B&H or Holman Bible Publishers. We have one of the HCSB versions for my oldest daughter.

    1. Last night I was researching the soon promised Blessed is She Catholic Journaling Bible, said to be the first in it’s entirety of the NAB-RE. But it is a bit too pricey for me and will be at least into January before it is released.

  1. This morning I discovered The One Year Bible Expressions NLT from Tyndale. I do not know how I missed this one a few years ago. But quite possibly because of the different name, but now I am quite intrigued.

There are many more that available that I haven’t even fully looked into. Like the Inspire or My Creative Bible versions… I’m sure there is more that I have missed.

It would appear that most of the well known (to me) Bible publishers are starting to get in on the Bible Art Journaling activity and hopefully it will be a powerful tool for devotion and strengthening the relationship of Christians with their faith. If you’re a long term reader of Creative Madness Mama, you know I am a Christian and I also don’t talk about it much outside of book reviews. The personal aspect of the journaling is something that I find especially powerful and special.


What is your preference?

Have you already jumped into Bible Art Journaling? What version do you use? It is illuminated? It is a blank slate? Is it a dedicated translation?

Over the years, I have changed up which Bible translations I use for study, but I have most of them on my shelf for research purposes. What is your favorite study Bible? or current Bible study? I’d love to know.

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