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Cross Stitch #WIP Updates (December 2017)

An update on the Creative side of things from the @CherryBlossomMJ cross stitch and homeschool book blog of Creative Madness Mama

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The month of November (my birthday month!) was very stitchy for me.

So far December has started off being pretty stitchingly gratifying as well.

I started off December carrying over my progress on The Time Traveler by Joan Elliott. I am working on a 28 count opalescent individual dye from Fantasy Dyed Fabrics. So far she is a delight to work on. I’ve had a bit more frogging that I’ve experienced in the past, but I used to be a make-it-work stitcher and I’m trying to be a bit more dedicated now. Plus there may have been some late nights and a fever involved with some of that… She is nearly to a half way to completion point, but I’ve put her to the side for the moment to pull out some Christmas designs.

Before I head into talking about Christmas, I will mention that I worked a bit more on my Dimensions Gold Collection Fall Fairy by Ruth Sanderson. This one is as kitted on 16 count grey Aida with a plethora of stitches, blends, metallic, half stitch, full cross, and so on with kitted floss. I love Dimensions Gold Collection kits. She will go wonderfully with the Woodland Enchantress (Christmas Fairy) that I finished last year (still need to take pictures…) and inspired me to go ahead and purchase the brand new release of the Spring Fairy (new to Dimensions Gold Collection, previously released as a HAED – which I also own – called Fairy Melody).


Last year I got a few stitches into the Workshop Santa, or Santa’s Workshop, or whichever his appropriate name is. He is found in the A Cross-Stitch Christmas Yuletide Traditions 2016 by Craftways. And of course, he is a Joan Elliott Santa. I’m pretty sure I’m stitching this one on straight up white Lugana 28 count, but I’d have to check my card to be sure. I picked it up at my LNS Stitchers Inc. in Memphis.


I’m hoping to get a good deal of progress done on him this year, even if a finish is not in sight. I’m also contemplating the idea of starting to stitch Christmas year round with an emphasis of making some ornaments. Because by golly, I’m determined to have a Christmas a home with a TREE one year in the future!

In addition to my Santa, I’m also pulling out my Madonna & Child which I had finished the face on and just adore her. I cannot wait to figure out how to share time between them as the weeks go past.

I’d like to start on some ornaments now, but I just do not have the fabric yet. But as I finish out some bigger projects on FQs I’m sure I will have some remnants to use. Here’s to Christmas stitching!


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