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1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices 2017

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My Princess has taken a slower, but perhaps more average start and stance on the idea of schooling. Mostly, if it is not somehow princess related she is not particularly interested. I have found printables and coloring hands-on activities are very appealing for her and find that a different direction from her sister is indeed warranted. This past year has found so many changes in her personality and behavior that indeed I believe that this will be the first real school year with a routine set for her. Although, she is my “spirited” child, so that may change…

My five-year-old, six in the beginning of August, Princess enthusiast is not yet reading but it is a challenge we’re heading toward with a plethora of tools at our belt that are not quite working yet, but we’re adding a few new things here and there with fingers crossed and smiles on our faces.

1st Grade Curriculum Choices

  • Reading: Memoria Press First Start Reading Books C-E, Adventures in Phonics A-B, Veritas Press Phonics Museum iOS app, Phonics Museum Kindergarten/First Grade Workbook, R.E.A.D. Curriculum Notebook, Moffatt Girls Kindergarten/First Grade Packs, Memoria Press Simply Classical Storytime Treasures, Simply Classical Spelling 1, Core Skills: Phonics 2 & 3
    • Literature: Little Bear, Little Bears Visit, Caps for Sale, Blueberries for Sal, Nate the Great, Frog and Toad Are Friends, Amelia Bedelia, The Boxcar Children
    • We’ve recently discovered and added in The Good & the Beautiful Level K and the difference in attitude and learning skills is phenomenal. She doesn’t want to give up the other, but this and Adventures in Phonics is all that I will absolutely require of her standard school day.
  • Writing: Memoria Press Simply Classical Storytime Treasures, New American Cursive 1, Simply Classical Copybook 2, Simply Classical Writing 1, Simply Classical Spelling 1, Weekly Practice K Language Arts, Weekly Practice 1st Grade Language Arts
  • Arithmetic: Rod & Staff Beginning Arithmetic Unit 2, Weekly Practice K Math, Weekly Practice 1st Grade Math, Math Mammoth 1A, Moffatt Girls Kindergarten/First Grade Packs
    • In an experiment we added in a snuggle school/read aloud of Math Lessons for a Living Education Level 1 and the attitude changes have been incredible. We haven’t touched Math Mammoth, but the rest will be available to her as desired and by her own request.
  • Religion: Apologia What We Believe Who is God? (Junior Notebooking Journal and coloring book)
  • Enrichment: Song School Latin 1, Apologia Astronomy 2ed (Junior Notebooking Journal), Simply Classical Curriculum: Level 2 Literature, Science, History, & Geography Read-Aloud Set 
    • We’ve shelved Astronomy for the moment in lieu of Swimming Creatures

So in essence:

  • Bible: Here, there, and everywhere on our own pulling from resources.
  • Math: Math Lessons for a Living Education and Rod & Staff Arithmetic
  • English: The Good & the Beautiful, Adventures in Phonics, and starting cursive
  • World History: tag-along absorption from Medieval studies of her big sister
    • US History: America’s Story, Beautiful Feet Books, and tag-along osmosis
  • Science: Apologia Zoology & Astronomy 2ed
  • Languages: Latin and Greek
  • Everything else is just cream on the top! 

Lots of reading. Lots of art. Lots of geography. Lot of integration and snuggle schooling!!!

My girls have always schooled separately as the Princess hasn’t really shown any interest until now. So this year will be a big change. There will be a lot of togetherness, and a lot of together-but-on-their-own-level situations. I’m very eager to see what changes this year will unfold.

In all honesty, I do believe there are some issues, or challenges rather, that we will be facing. This girl is my real-life Amelia Bedelia. She is so logical and definitely smart, but misses a lot of nuances for literal translations. In many ways, it seems we are communicating in different languages and it will be a unique opportunity to learn what the best ways are to interact and teach this little gem. She is definitely a pearl, a mystifying, unique, individual child. Whether you call it spirited, hyper-active, on the spectrum, 2e, or something else… this will be a new experience.



Mama Resources:

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  • Simply Classical
  • 2eNewsletter

Curriculum in Year’s Past

This little girl has been a spirited, imaginative, and playful child learning from the things around her and her sister’s read alouds and experiences so she hasn’t been really much for seat-in-the-chair learning yet. If you’d like to know what got us to where we are now you can see a lot of what is still in progress on our list above from our Kindergarten year, as well.

*K5 Curriculum Choices: Memoria Press Kindergarten with elements of Simply Classical Level 1, Memoria Press First Start Reading Books A-B, Simply Classical Copybook 1, Adventures in Phonics A, Veritas Press Phonics Museum Kindergarten Workbook, Weekly Practice K Language Arts, Wayfarers Pathways, Logic of English Foundations A, Printables, Apologia Astronomy 2ed (Junior Notebooking Journal), Apologia What We Believe Who is God? (coloring book), Memoria Press Kindergarten Read-Aloud Set

*K4 Curriculum Choices: Wayfarers Pathways, Logic of English Foundations A, Printables

*PreK Curriculum Choices: Sonlight P3/4, Wayfarers Pathways, Logic of English Foundations A, Printables

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