45. 20. 6. 4. 13. 11. So many numbers on this mama’s mind!

An app I’m testing out, tells me that 45 days ago my daughter was born. 45 days ago, five weeks early we got a wonderful eight pound surprise in a perfectly healthy little Mermaid Warrior. June 20th, last year, was a day when my heart broke as I endured my second miscarriage followed by necessary surgery. Six is the number of times I’ve been pregnant. Four is the number of live children I have. Thirteen is the quantity of years my world has revolved around my Enginerd, and eleven is the number of years that I have legally called him mine. It seems that for many months, I have meant to sit down and write this post. Yet I kept keeping myself back. It’s personal. It’s not full of photos. It probably won’t get a single comment. But isn’t that why we started blogging in the first place, back when, to share our. . .

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Homeschool Planet (Online Planner) {Review}

    Several years ago I discovered the Homeschool Buyers Co-op and ever since I have been delighted with the organization and have made many purchases. It is a blessed time again, and thanks to the Homeschool Review Crew, we are once again reviewing an updated Homeschool Planet online planner and their new Lesson Plan Marketplace features. I truly enjoyed Homeschool Planet, when we first reviewed the product in 2015, and I have used it often since then. My favorite preference is especially when scheduling something that uses the computer as it makes things so easy as a click for my daughter. For the purposes of this review, I was given a 12-month membership to the planner as well as life-time of the product access to one lesson plan that I can add to my overall planner with a few clicks. (And again in the future, when my next child comes up to. . .

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Whistlefritz Francais (French) PreK/Elementary Language Lessons {Review}

My foreign language choice in high school was French. I took years of classes, but it was not until I went and spent a near-month in French-speaking Canada completely immersed that I truly got a solid hold of the language. (Though, I could use a good review!) Through the blessing of the Homeschool Review Crew this language immersion program for PreK/Elementary school came available from Whistlefritz and I am delighted to be reviewing the Educator’s French Collection.  For several years now I have been searching for curriculum to start exposing my children to the French language. My French-Canadian God-mother sent us some fairy tale books and reusable workbooks, but they were more of a second level introduction and I was unsure how to really get us started. With Whistlefritz, I have discovered that truly jumping in is a great way to do it!   For the purposes of this review, I have been. . .

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Learning Activities: Greatest Number

There’s strategy in numbers! Challenge your first grader for the best score in this math game. Players take turns examining the cards and picking up the ones with largest value. Add up your cards to see who’s won! This game is a great way to improve critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in math. Your children will use their knowledge of numeric value and combine it with strategy in order to win the game. Practice makes perfect, and this is definitely a game you’ll be wanting to play again and again! What You Need: Deck of playing cards (with face cards removed) Paper Pencil What You Do: Shuffle the deck. Arrange the cards face up in a 6 x 6 grid. Discard the remaining 4 cards. The first player picks up the highest possible card she can find. The second player then picks up the highest possible card that he can find. Continue. . .

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Thin Stix (Art Supplies) {Review}

My oldest student, for years now, has imagined herself an artist. While her talent is still in it’s fledgling state, she has a passion for art and so far for all mediums. Thus when there was an opportunity to review Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Colors from The Pencil Grip, Inc. through the Homeschool Review Crew, we were excited to jump in to see what we might think. In short, we have found a new staple to keep supplied in our art box! My seven-year-old third grade daughter (eight and transitioning to fourth this summer) loves them. She says they are usable like crayons, but go on more like paint. They dry super super quickly, and after a bit do not smudge either (but you have to wait a minute or so for that). The colors we have a vibrant and perfect for any picture you want to draw. She made a. . .

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Art Books {Guest Post}

Art Study with Creative Madness Mama

I have had a long running series on my blog, doing art books. It’s fun to see the variety of books out there and put them to use.  🙂 I thought I would tell you about some of my favourites. It’s hard to pick I have to admit, but I think I’ve winnowed it down to my top few. Get Into Art Places: Discover Great Art And Create Your Own!. This is a fantastic book that I wrote about here.  It’s not very big at 32 pages but it’s chockful for art and ideas about how to try out the type of art on your own.  I’ve used it with art classes and my students had a lot of fun with it. At the back of the book a Project Checklist was provided, easily letting me know what supplies I would need to complete each project. Fantastic Planet: A Coloring. . .

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Building tiaras and cakes

Building tiaras 👑 and cakes 🎂 for Mother’s Day and sisters out of Duplo Legos. It is amazing how the same thing can entertain for hours. Braids, thanks to the Enginerd daddy. I better enjoy them down because they’ll be cut short one day soon. #bigsister #firstborn #middlesister #legoduplo #mothersday from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2qkFXPI

ArtAchieve (online subscription) {Review}

I have three children that love to color and create, but it is my oldest that verbally states she wants to be an artist when she is an adult. Thus when a review opportunity arose to check out ArtAchieve and their Entire Level I program, we were very excited to volunteer and have been blessed to be a part of this tour with the Homeschool Review Crew. For the purposes of this review we were given access to an online subscription and purchased a few art essential supplies. Some materials we were familiar with from trying other art programs in the past, however some were new and took me a while to find in person. I will note that online I was able to find everything easily, but I wanted to try to source supplies locally and it did take more time. If I were planning to only review this program with. . .

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