ARTistic Pursuits K-3 Vol. 1 Review

Last year (or was it the year before?) when I was blessed to visit a local homeschool conference (there hasn’t been one within three hours since!) I remember my SisterL telling me to check out the ARTistic Pursuits booth. The program has been on my wish list since, and I was thus delighted to gain the opportunity to review the Early Elementary K-3, Book 1: Introduction to the Visual Arts (expanded and revised for 2013).

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(Some) Bob Books on Kindle for only $0.99!!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve seen a sale and really promoted it, but today I just discovered that some of the Bob Books sets are on sale in a Kindle format for ONLY $0.99! That’s amazing! I just downloaded the Rhyming Books, which is the only set we do not physically have right now and my learning-to-read-four-almost-five-year-old and she is diving in. Already working on Book 2! Woohoo!!

Bob Books: Rhyming Words

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CTC Math – Math Computer School

In the end of February you might remember when I reviewed a Science Computer School Program, well today I want to share with you about a Math Computer School Program in review. Another winner for our opinion! With a little bit of a repeat for an introduction to my review for CTC Math (12 Month Family Plan), I want to share with you that the idea of getting involved in “computer school” was a bit daunting for me. Most of what we do in school is from books and interaction. While I’m not opposed and definitely use videos and mp3s when appropriate as well as a plethora of sites for printables, the idea of sitting my girls down in front of a computer that they take charge of in a program is a good bit daunting. While I hear rave reviews of things such as Starfall and the like for. . .

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Light is All Around Us (Let’s Read and Find Out Science) by Wendy Pfeffer

The latest Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out title encourages kids to learn all about light and how it helps us see. Just stop and take a look around—from sunlight to firelight to electric light, light brightens our world. Our bestselling and established contributors Wendy Pfeffer and Paul Meisel make this very important topic fun and exciting! Supporting the Common Core State Standards, the Find-Out-More section includes interactive experiments that kids can try at school and at home.

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Ok, let’s talk phonics readers

Do you have much experience with Beginning Readers or Phonics Readers? Via TWTM and my own childhood I’m familiar with BOB Books. Through Memoria Press I’m getting the recommendation for EPS readers, which I have not yet seen in person. Via SisterL I’ve gotten my hands on some old version BOB Books including a Set A2, Set B1, Set B2 and some Step into Reading Phonics readers. All between 8-12 booklets per set. Then through review products I’ve gotten my hands on My First BOB Books Alphabet, My First BOB Books Pre-Readers, and BOB Books Beginning Readers (blue box). Then… I had my SIL buy for me the Cosco sets available. So that got me a large combo version on the My First Readers, Collections 1, 2, & 3, and Sight Words (combo of K and 1st sets). The only one I don’t have that I don’t think is available. . .

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What do you mean it’s mid-March?

How on earth is it already mid-March? How in the world am I already 21 weeks preggo? I haven’t gotten anything done that I was planning to have pre-scheduled in January and now you’re telling me it’s almost April. How does that happen? *sigh* I’m going to dream about curriculum, that always helps. I did that last night you know. It was vibrant and educational. *snicker* I’ve been thinking, I need more blog posts, so how about more of me just “saying it how it is” posts, but you know moderated. Because well, I don’t necessarily know ‘you’ and I’m not sure what I’d say to your face rather than say to you know BestFriendK’s face, you know? Well that’s a ramble and I’ve probably already lost you. After all, it’s not like I could ever blog like Not Inadequate. I love her blog, it’s so real and always makes. . .

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The idea of getting involved in “computer school” was a bit daunting for me. Most of what we do in school is from books and interaction. While I’m not opposed and definitely use videos and mp3s when appropriate as well as a plethora of sites for printables, the idea of sitting my girls down in front of a computer that they take charge of in a program is a good bit daunting. While I hear rave reviews of things such as Starfall and the like for preschoolers I’ve always hesitated. So when I had the opportunity to come up to review as well as KinderBach from the TOS Crew I jumped in, with trepidation. As you might have read yesterday, KinderBach did not quite work out for us as wonderfully as it might have… so as we were spending more time online I was concerned that a Online. . .

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KinderBach – Online Piano Lessons (Ages 3-7)

This start of the year has been filled with new experiences for my children in the way of school. Something they had never had before was what we now call computer-school. The first introduction in computer-school for us is a review of KinderBach, or specifically The KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner. We have been blessed with access for six months to the lessons. Overall the program is geared toward children in the range of ages 3-7, however I’m told that others find it does work well for children slightly above and below. Our goal was to use the program 3-4 times a week and see how it went. This is the first introduction either of my blossoms has had to piano lessons. AppleBlossom has been begging to learn to the piano for over a year now. We were blessed with a hand-me-down keyboard and delighted to jump. . .

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Laundry, homeschool, reviews, THM, and growing a baby…

Interestingly, as I wrote that rambling title I realize these things seem to go together. Huh. I’m sitting on the couch staring at piles of folded laundry debating whether I need to get my exhausted pregnant self off the couch to put it away how or rest and do it later. (I was a nursery worker in a hectic nursery this am at church) Afterall I folded it all and sorted it. I was sick last week and cared for two sick kids under four. I am pregnant. That should all give me reason enough to sit here and stare at it. Right? All afternoon we’ve been giving orders to the 4 1/2 year old AppleBlossom to sort, fold and put away the diapers and panties. Balk! Day-dream. Complain of being sick, tired, and the works to just staring at the wall and not much has been accomplished. This has. . .

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Seriously, the week is over, already?!

We did not seem to accomplish much in the way of school this week, AppleBlossom just wasn’t into it. Who knows, this week we might catch up and then some, it just depends on this kiddo. Yet isn’t that one of the wonderful freedoms of homeschool? Last week however, we had fun! Starting the week, with gingerbread. After Christmas sales gave us 75% off on a train and gingerbread house kit, so each girl got to create their own. Then we borrowed Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett from the library as whole host of other books and it was the only one the girls were interested in and fought over constantly! Maybe one to add to our shelves one day… We also read a book we own, Gingerbread Boy by Paul Galdone, it apparently wasn’t as exciting, alas. AppleBlossom did some freebie worksheets from Moffatt Girls with the gingerbread them in math and. . .

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2014 Winter Olympics printables and ideas for Tots, PreK, Kinder and the younger grades.

Here is a gathered cluster of activities and ideas for featuring the 2014 Winter Olympics as a theme. While combining these suggestions I have my 2 1/2 year old toddler and 4 1/2 year old kindergarten children in mind, but these would be good for a few more years up in the primary grades as well.

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K4.5 Curriculum and Tot School for Winter/Spring 2014

AppleBlossom and I have made it halfway through Memoria Press Kindergarten and we’re loving it. We started early with the expectancy of a new child addition in mid-Spring, but when that was met with miscarriage, we took some time off, but then we ended up right on time with the Halloween books at Halloween, Thanksgiving with Thanksgiving and Christmas and Advent stories with the season, so it all works out. Now it will be the summer that we’re expecting a new addition, and that works out just fine! Also we’re continuing to trot along with Sonlight P4/5. We’re about halfway through that as well, but we’re not trying very hard either. With P4/5 we’re mainly doing it to add in more reading. I love MP Kinder, but I also like having more books to read, so it works out well. Memoria Press is definitely my preference for overall curriculum rules.. . .

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In all honesty, I’m slightly nervous about this post. It’s been a bit since I’ve posted as I was planning to take most of the months of December and January off from blogging, but then on my birthday (late November) I received an amazing email present, a letter letting me know that I have been accepted as a member of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew for 2014! I am completely delighted and hope that I work up to the expectations of the group. Ever since I knew about the group a few years ago, I’ve been interested in joining and now finally I have my chance! Now, for the first review what could be more appropriate than to jump in and talk about This is not my first introduction to as I have had a membership there for about two years. I started a few Christmas seasons ago. . .

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Black Friday Bargains!

Don’t miss this huge sale of 20% off your entire order for four days — Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Use code fantasticday at checkout to receive this discount. This code allows for 20% off anything^! This four day event begins 12:01 a.m. on Black Friday, November 29, 2013 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Cyber Monday, December 2, 2013. (All times are eastern time zone.) The code can be used as many times as you want during the sale period, but it cannot be used in conjunction with other coupon codes. ^All American History bundles are not included in this Black Friday sale, but individual AAH titles and products are. The BIP offices will be closed over the Thanksgiving weekend, so please expect a slight delay in your Black Friday shipping times. *•.,¸¸,:•:*¨¨*:•:,¸¸,:•:*¨¨*:•*•.,¸¸,:•:*¨¨*:•:,¸¸,:•:*¨¨*:••:*¨¨*:•:,¸¸,:•:*¨¨*:•:,¸¸,.•* *•.,¸¸,:•:*¨¨*:•:,¸¸,:•:*¨¨*:•*•.,¸¸,:•:*¨¨*:•:,¸¸,:•:*¨¨*:••:*¨¨*:•:,¸¸,:•:*¨¨*:•:,¸¸,.•* Black Friday starts early this year at NOOK® by Barnes & Noble. Get ready for our best Black Friday deals starting. . .

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