Alvin Gets an A by Kirsten Mayer (I Can Read!)

It’s the first day of school, and The Chipmunks already have a homework assignment! Alvin, Theodore, and Simon have to write reports about what they did on summer vacation, but Alvin is having trouble. How can he make his report rock?

This reader is an original, illustrated story based on the classic Alvin and the Chipmunks!

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Blossom School Calendar Wall

Life is sooo crazy! I am behind on practically everything I want to tell you. I almost do not know where to begin and I cannot believe that the year is half over. I guess 2012 has been a bit impersonal on my blog and I’m sorry. We’ve just been sick again and again. Trying to keep up with reviews, much less anything else has been just well, non existent and I apologize. I decided to do a Project Life and that has not gone very far either, but perhaps it will. Let’s see… In this post I want to update you on Blossom School. I’ve been working pretty hard on our calendar wall, and it is still a work in progress. I’m trying to make this quarter of my quilting den very education friendly for the girls. We’re not going to have a classroom per say, but this ought. . .

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The Princess Twins and the Puppy by Mona Hodgson (I Can Read!)

A lesson in trusting God. Princess Abby hears the royal pup crying. She follows his cries to the basement. When she opens the door to let him out, she discovers that he is stuck. In order to free him, she must go into the dark. She’s afraid of the dark, but she chooses bravery and rescues the puppy.

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The Princess Twins Play in the Garden by Mona Hodgson (I Can Read!)

A lesson in the importance of inner beauty. Emma and Abby have a play date with their neighbors. Emma wants to have a gentle tea party so she can stay looking pretty, but Abby wants to play and have fun. What will Emma do when her friend kicks a dirty ball onto her pretty dress? This level-one story teaches girls what it means to be a princess for the true King.

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Fancy Nancy: Fancy Day in Room 1-A (I Can Read!)

After a gloomy, gray week stuck inside at school, Nancy comes up with a great idea to cheer up her friends. Miss Glass’ classroom will celebrate a day filled with frills, fanciness, and fun, called Fancy Day! Everyone begins preparations right away, planning posh outfits and practicing their most sophisticated manners. But on the day of the party, Miss Glass runs in late… looking quite plain. Can Nancy and her classmates fancy up Miss Glass and keep the party as elegant as ever?

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Ballet Stars by Joan Holub (Step into Reading)

Leaping and bounding toward independent reading.

From ballet class to rehearsal for the big show to the final curtesies—budding ballet stars show emergent readers each step and pirouette along the way! This Step 1 story has big type and easy words, rhyme and rhythm, and picture clues and two sheets of irresistably adorable stickers. It’s a natural for young readers who are learning ballet or aspire to take ballet classes.

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Home, but still hiatus after surgery

We’re home home now. Yesterday actually, but the days seem to be running together for me as her mess are on four hour increments that are not always lined up with sleep.

There will be an hour or so where things are really calm and I feel like we can do this and all will be okay. Then… I think the end of the world has come and that we will never be okay.

Having your daughter in misery with no way to know exactly what hurts or how to help really hurts… it will get better.

Surgery went well and no complications then or at home so far. Low fever so far but hopefully it won’t rise. Otherwise she’s got a bit of tummy trouble with her first miserable experiences N/V & D. Praying for a good recovery and to keep her calm to prevent a rebleed.

The Blood Sugar Solution by Mark Hyman, MD

In the new #1 New York Times bestseller, The Blood Sugar Solution (Little, Brown and Company February, 2012), Dr. Mark Hyman – Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine and founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Center – reveals the secret to losing weight and preventing diabesity. According to Dr. Hyman, a staggering one in two Americans suffers from diabesity, the condition of metabolic imbalance and disease that ranges from mild blood sugar imbalance to full-blown diabetes. Diabesity is one of the leading causes of chronic disease in the 21st century, including heart disease, stroke, dementia, and cancer, and the numbers of sick people keep growing. One in three children born today will have diabetes. We are now raising the first generation of Americans to live sicker and die younger than their parents.

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Hiatus to the hospital

Hey there, things have been crazy here lately. So many posts in my head not making it to the blog. We finished the calendar wall, and I really need to share those photos with you. Also the quilting den is complete with the cutting table and the nursery is all set with Classic Pooh and the crib rail guards. So much, but it will have to wait.

Tomorrow morning we’re checking my baby into the hospital for her surgery; AppleBlossom is two years old, just shy of three (her birthday is the end of July). The plan is to take out her tonsils and possibly her adenoids. We’re hoping this is the solution to the random unknown, “it must be a virus” when she’s sick so often as well as the current and new sleep apnea and coughing fits.

So pardon me if I miss an email. I have a few things scheduled for the next few days including a great FIRST book: The Blood Sugar Solution (about diabetes), a couple children’s books and my most recent Christian Historical Fiction: Glamorous Illusions. If you need me feel free to email me, but I might not see it. Also, if you do email me and want to make sure I saw what you sent, email me again at the end of next week if I haven’t responded. I’m already buried in email and I’m sure it’ll hold a while!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

Oh, checking into the hospital 5:30 AM and she’ll have to stay overnight.

Forget-Me-Nots: Poems to Learn by Heart

FORGET-ME-NOTS: POEMS TO LEARN BY HEART is another wonderful collaboration between Mary Ann Hoberman, Children’s Poet Laureate, and renowned illustrator Michael Emberley. Featuring over 120 works from both classic and contemporary poets with vivid illustrations, this new collection of poems also includes tips for memorization and recitation just in time for National Poetry Month.

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Coblation Tonsillectomy in an almost three year old…

I’ve been pretty quiet lately. The stress level has been a bit elevated. AppleBlossom will turn three in the end of July and she’s been sick again, and again. We were thinking it was croup again because of the seal like barking cough, but the pediatrician said not this time. He said she looked fine (ears and nose etc) she just had huge tonsils. In the last several well and otherwise visits he has always said she has large tonsils, but this time he changed that comment to say huge. So off we were to a recommended ENT visit. We were able to see the same ENT/Nurse Practitioner team that I saw when I was so sick with that sinus infection that just would not leave (November – March/early April). After a look-see, we were given the recommendation for surgery. Today I was able to talk to the doctor in. . .

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