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New Year, New Starts and continued Works in Progress

By any accounting this blog post title might definitely be related to a needlecraft art. New Year, New Starts and WIPs sounds a bit like something directly out of a Stitch Maynia or Stitch from Stash SAL (stitch-a-long for those curious). Yet at the same time doesn’t that title ring true for a homeschool mama trekking alongside in school with her students? We need a fresh start. We need to regroup our progress and decide what is working and what efforts need to be tweaked to reach the optimal progress for us all to succeed. And then again, what about the mom blogger who wants to make a fresh and exhilarating new Year with an effort into affiliate funding and building review and other blog relations in the online community of similar mamas. While we are at it, why not throw in the prospect of new life growing deep in the womb. . .

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Barbour Releases New Mennonite Novel from Nancy Mehl

Suspense and Romance Rock a Mennonite Town Nancy Mehl’s Latest Delivers Romantic Suspense with Small-Town Values Uhrichsville, OH— In this sequel to Simple Secrets, there is nothing simple about deceit and how it threatens to tear apart the Mennonite community Gracie has come to love. Releasing in December 2010, Simple Deceit is the second installment in The Harmony Series by award-winning author Nancy Mehl. Harmony, Kansas, has grown on Gracie Temple, including its Mennonite residents, a teen girl in desperate need of a friend, and farmer Sam Goodrich. Gracie decides to stay and take on freelance graphic work, but when her new client is a developer intent on bringing tourism to the area, Gracie is blamed for the idea and someone makes it look like she burned the barn of a resident who refused to sell to the developer. When even Sam seems to question Gracie’s actions, will she run. . .

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