There were those mornings during my pregnancy with the Mermaid Warrior where I was not up to being the homeschool mama that I wanted to be. Then it became those nights with a newborn and the mornings that followed. Now she is six months old, but we still nurse through the nice and my sleep is interrupted if not missing. (She is such a good baby, you guys!) The Princess has always been an early riser. To be fair, I have memories of getting up and going downstairs to turn on the TV to static waiting for the early morning educational shows to eventually come on. But back to today, she wakes up and starts to play and with her imagination or toy of choice there is either Legoes crashing, dolls chatting, vintage Littlest Pet Shop zoo escaping events, Little People race track races or something else just as noisy.. . .

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August in Review…

August WIPS. #wips #crossstitch #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #stitchmaynia #stitchfromstash2017 #stitchersofinstagram #mirabilia #mermaidblossom #happilyeverafter #happilyeveraftersal #frostedpumpkinstitchery #graco #gracocarseat #gracoclickconnect #lakesidefantasysal #pointdecroix #flosstube from Instagram:

#selfie me

It’s hot. It’s humid. But the girls are practicing archery with the Enginerd and the littles are sleeping while I’m staring at rippling water. Definitely some good relaxation. #tnstatepark #shelbyforest #therealme from Instagram:

Two Months…

I cannot believe that it is almost two months since my fourth child joined our chaos and creative madness world. She doesn’t make eye contact often, she is always so busy examining the environment around her. Yet, when she does the smile she quirks is too adorable to resist. Whenever her daddy comes around she always grins whether she is awake or asleep. And oh those grins she’s makes, it makes the world for ’round. She’s a keeper an drew a good addition for sure. School is still going. Normally I like to take a birthday season summer from mid July to a little later in early-mid August. But since we had so many interruptions last year I am trying to push a little bit more. This week, we have visitors so school is out the window. But I’m curious how far we can go. Right now we are continuing. . .

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March Stitchy Update #WIP #xstitch

Here are my stitches for March. I didn’t quite keep up with photos as well as I should. In the bottom row, there are two new fabric stashqusitions. One will be for Andromeda and the other for Mermaid Heaven. #stitchfromstash2017 #stitchmaynia #xstitch #crossstitch #march #2017 #xstitching #xstitchersofinstagram #pointdecroix #flosstube from Instagram:

The Raven Queen #WIP #xstitch

I’ve been working on The Raven Queen for the last three days. She is the perfect #wip for M is for Mirabilia and Color a Day Aquamarine. #craftblogger #needlecraft #crossstitch #xstitch #xstitching #xstitchersofinstagram #pointdecroix #flosstube #aquamarine #stitchmaynia #stitchfromstash2017 #2016starts #mirabilia #noracorbett #theravenqueen #sunnydyesfabrics from Instagram:

How about something thinking outloud? (Homeschool)

We must make some changes. This is spun from a text I sent to a friend, but I would love more advice from many of you seasoned mamas. Basically without getting too many names involved, where we live we either have to be in an umbrella, or distance learning private school, or with the county. For my oldest, we have chosen to have her in a distance learning private school which was great until they changed all the requirements this year the day before classes officially began. It has been a stressful nightmare. It is no longer homeschool but school at home with crazy busy work and deadlines that just don’t work. My daughter is seven, working mostly at a third grade level in fifth grade math. With certain things she needs a bit more time but can do it. But with their new deadlines it doesn’t matter and no. . .

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Winter themed projects #WIP #xstitch

Finally coming to a stopping point on my stitching of The Snow Queen ❄️. Now what to work on for the afternoon? Winter’s Grace? Enchanted Aurora? The Snow Princess? All by @joanelliottdesign #stitchmaynia #xstitch #xstitchersofinstagram #crossstitch from Instagram:

Me, 18 weeks.

Alright, so I’m usually behind the camera. But Santa sent new clothes so a picture was necessary. So, do you think I’m showing yet? 18 weeks pregnant as of today… Summer baby #4 here we come! #pregnant #pregnantbelly #destinationmaternity #18weeks #me #unfiltered from Instagram:

New Year, New Starts and continued Works in Progress

By any accounting this blog post title might definitely be related to a needlecraft art. New Year, New Starts and WIPs sounds a bit like something directly out of a Stitch Maynia or Stitch from Stash SAL (stitch-a-long for those curious). Yet at the same time doesn’t that title ring true for a homeschool mama trekking alongside in school with her students? We need a fresh start. We need to regroup our progress and decide what is working and what efforts need to be tweaked to reach the optimal progress for us all to succeed. And then again, what about the mom blogger who wants to make a fresh and exhilarating new Year with an effort into affiliate funding and building review and other blog relations in the online community of similar mamas. While we are at it, why not throw in the prospect of new life growing deep in the womb. . .

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