Memoria Press Junior Kindergarten {Review Part I}

CMM JrK Review

2012-2013 has been an incredible school year! We are not quite finished yet, but we are close and I’m in awe of how amazing the year has been. Truly with this kind of beginning for our homeschool experience is amazing.

I’m delighted to have gone deeper with books and really watch my young preschooler’s mind fly, and that is what we are doing with Memoria Press Junior Kindergarten.

Because of what Memoria Press has put together with their teachers at Highlands Latin School, I feel like I know what I’m doing in this teaching business. Coming in if you ask me to go back to teach middle or high school I have no fear. Hand me a preschooler, and I’m terrified. Or rather, I used to be terrified until Memoria Press took away the fear and presented me with everything I need for success.

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