Colors for Zena by Monica Wellington {Review}

Colors for Zena by Monica Wellington

*My original post seems to have disappeared, but this is too good of a resource that I recommend to not possibly post again. This book could not have arrived at a better time (August 2013) as we are discussing primary and secondary colors this week in Memoria Press Kindergarten. Absolutely this fabulous color picture book is being written in my lesson plans as a resource for future years. Monica’s images are fun and lovely for viewing by little artists. The introduction of a color and the return to it gives more interaction than a typical color book would with just a label per page. Then the animals of color add personality and a feast for the imagination. I bet the kid’s will be dreaming in color after reading this one. The only thing I could wish for would be printable coloring pages to go along as an activity with the. . .

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My Leaf Book by Monica Wellington {Review}

My Leaf Book by Monica Wellington

I found myself very excited to see this book arrive yesterday. I have loved the previous titles from Monica Wellington that we have read in the past including Night House Bright House and Colors for Zena. (Links back to goodreads). It was just a stumbled upon opprtunity with the local Books from Birth program that I discovered Night House Bright House (my review) and I was surprised by how much I truly enjoyed the collage style book. Then last year when Monica offered me to read Colors for Zena, I was intrigued and excited as well – it is another fabulous read for the keeper shelf. This year I have discovered her latest treasure in My Leaf Book, in which a young girl goes in the arboretum of the world and collects and designs her own person leaf book. From pressed leaves, to leaf rubbings, and more this is delightfully inspiring! My Leaf. . .

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Night House, Bright House by Monica Wellington {Review}

Night House Bright House by Monica Wellington

Here’s a nighttime book for very young children that’s anything but quiet! Ten frisky mice race and chase their feline friend from one room to the next. Each turn of the page shows a dazzling new room singing with color, and the objects everywhere have plenty to say about the cat-and-mouse game going on around them. Full color.

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