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The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New by Marty Machowski (Systematic Theology for Kids) {Review}

A theology primer for children… Several years ago, I was introduced to the writing of Marty Machowski through The Gospel Story Bible. The illustrations were a bit loud for my taste, but the writing and the scripture coming across was solid and good for sharing with my children (who do appreciate the wild drawings). Then in the last year I discovered Long Story Short (a devotional) on Kindle. I’m hoping that one day I will also find Old Story New go on sale there as well. Now when I saw that a new book, The Ology was coming out I had to jump for an opportunity to review it. I’m so blessed that I am able. Little background, c’est moi. One of my degrees is a bachelor of arts in religious studies. Thus, I have read a lot and I definitely want my children to read something that can explain what others believe so they can. . .

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