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Everlasting Love (Brides of Seattle) in stores now!

Can you believe it is time already for another Tracie Peterson novel?! I have about a dozen or so go-to authors that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy before reading or previewing and Tracie is one of them. Her stories always make me think and her characters are always so real with the quirks and personalities that come to life off the page. Everlasting Love, the third novel is the Brides of Seattle series is available now to finish out the series started with Steadfast Love and continued with Refining Fire this past summer. This is my favorite cover in the series yet! Grab your copy now!  

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Refining Fire (Brides of Seattle) in stores now!

  It’s been a while since I’ve thrust myself into a novel from Tracie Peterson, but let me tell you. I have more than one full shelf of her books and that’s just mentioning the physical books, I haven’t counted how many when I also include the digital. And speaking of digital, she’s been writing more than I’ve been able to keep up with considering the addition of these youngest two kiddos and I need to catch up! What a great place to start to jump into her latest series of The Brides of Seattle, with the second in the trilogy releasing this July and the third expected to come this fall near October. I need to go back to read Steadfast Heart and look forward to Everlasting Love as well.

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