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First day of preschool with Memoria Press Junior Kindergarten

Today we finally had our first day of junior kindergarten using the Memoria Press curriculum and it was great! We’ve delayed things a bit as I was bargain shopping books and had to wait to get several of them as the delivery seem soo slow. Yet, that’s what happens when I’m indecisive and go for the free shipping options. 🙂 (I discovered that if something is less than 20% it is cheaper for me to get it through Barnes & Noble using an educator’s discount, but it if it is qualified for the 4-for-3 on Amazon then that ends up being a better deal by a few dollars.) If it’s over 20% on sale then it just depends on shipping and preference of which has the better bargain. In this case since I am talking about children’s books, most were not available on ChristianBook.com and RainbowResource, but those are my. . .

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A Is for Adam by Ken Ham {Review}

Step one in creating a child’s biblical worldview! In a fun and informative way, this revised classic shares biblical insights to a new generation of families. Inside a parent or teacher finds all that’s needed to share the basic truths of the Gospel, and to expand that teaching whenever they wish through detailed instructional tips and structured learning.

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F Is for Fireflies by Kathy-jo Wargin

F is for Fireflies is written by award-winning prolific children’s author, Kathy-jo Wargin. This beautifully illustrated book explores God’s warmest, wonder-filled season from A to Z, by delighting young readers with beaches and sandcastles, picnics and lemonade, and all of the blessings that God’s summer brings.

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