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HISTORY Through the Ages Hands-on History Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections {Review}

Mostly we are educating from a Classical Christian Education method and the products from Home School in the Woods ~ (http://homeschoolinthewoods.com) often comes across as a recommended item for our studies across the board in history, especially. Last July, we were blessed with the opportunity to experience and review Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt. We learned that the recommendation lists are right and we love what is provided from Home School in the Woods! We have done a lot of research on resources for studying history. It is my desire that I teach my children using a Classical Christian Education method. For years I’ve heard of a family that created their own timeline pieces and now more and more creative hands-on projects. One of our main curricula resources we have opted to use for history recommends resources of Home School in the Woods. This year we have been blessed. . .

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Beautiful Feet Books: Primary American History

American History Study Guide for the primary grades In the years that I have been researching homeschool materials and curriculum, there is one name that constantly comes back up, Beautiful Feet Books. There is one opinion I have consistently seen… everyone loves Beautiful Feet Books. The theory behind the curriculum is a mama blessing. It is, in my opinion, Classically Mason. (Is BFB Classical?) But wait! Aren’t we doing Veritas Press material? Indeed, we are doing the Veritas Press Scholars Academy diploma program, but there we will not really touch on American history until we reach that part of the cycle. And what about our Memoria Press progress? Well, yes, we are keeping along with the Memoria Press Classical Core Curriculum and they have newly added in readers and read-alouds starting in their third-grade curriculum (which includes several Beautiful Feet Book selections!). However, we wanted to do a bit more to. . .

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Sarah Gives Thanks by Mike Allegra

During the nineteenth century, Sarah Josepha Hale dedicated her life to making Thanksgiving a national holiday, all while raising a family and becoming a groundbreaking writer and women’s magazine editor. Sarah Hale’s inspiring story, accompanied by luscious watercolor illustrations, tells the tale of one woman who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

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