An Amish Family Reunion by Mary Ellis

During a rumschpringe visit to Niagara Falls, Phoebe Miller meets Eli Riehl, a young man who charms her—and everyone else—with his exceptional storytelling ability. When Phoebe sketches scenes to illustrate one of his tales, Eli encourages her incredible talent, and together they embark on a lofty and unlikely business venture for two young Amish people—writing and illustrating a children’s book.

Eli’s kindness and appeal extend beyond his knack for words to reach inside Phoebe’s heart. But he is an only son with five sisters, and when his father suffers a heart attack, Eli gives up his writing to assume responsibility on the farm. Though willing to abandon his dream of becoming an author, he won’t give up his beloved Phoebe.

Can their love for a good story develop into something that lasts forever, or will Phoebe’s deep-seated fear of desertion stand in their way?

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A Bride’s Flight from Virginia City, Montana by Murray Pura

Join the chase as an unlikely foursome, threatened by a ruthless gang of ne’er-do-wells, strives to reach safety. Montana ranchers Zephaniah Parker and Charlotte Spence are determined to get two Amish children, who witnessed their family’s massacre, back home to relatives in Pennsylvania. Will they succumb to the plans of blood-thirsty outlaws or reach Bird-in-Hand alive?

Along the treacherous trek, Charlotte and Zephaniah’s friendship blossoms into love. Will wedding bells soon chime, or will Charlotte’s startling admission forever silence potential peals? How will God redeem outlaws and law-abiding citizens in this epic Old West adventure?

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The Christmas Singing by Cindy Woodsmall {Review}

After Gideon coldly broke her heart, can the warmth of the season revive Mattie’s hopes?

Christmas has always been special to cake decorator Mattie Eash, who was born on the wondrous holiday.

Yet the season has lost its appeal in the three years since then, her childhood sweetheart abruptly ended their engagement on Christmas Eve. Mattie has moved on, left Apple Ridge, Pennsylvania and pursued her dreams of a cake shop in Berlin, Ohio and given her heart to someone new. Someone unlike Gideon Beiler. Someone safe.

Then an unforeseen setback forces her home and into painful proximity to Gideon. Will learning the truth behind his rejection restore her Christmas joy—or open the door to even deeper heartbreak?

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Ella Finds Love Again by Jerry S. Eicher {Preview}

Bestselling author Jerry Eicher concludes the Little Valley Series with one more glimpse into young Ella’s Amish world. She loves the widower Ivan Stutzman’s children and enjoys caring for them. Although she is genuinely devoted to Preacher Stutzman and keenly aware of his desire to propose, her feelings for him stop short of romantic love. Yet Ella yearns for marriage and wonders if what she and Ivan have is enough.

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Sisters of the Quilt: The Complete Trilogy by Cindy Woodsmall {Review}

I realized that even as I had posted my reviews on these three book in the Sisters of the Quilt series as they came out… I had not gone back and done an omnibus review post. So here you go!

Today I was able to meet Cindy in person at a book signing!!

This three-in-one collection includes the entirety of the best-selling Sisters of the Quilt trilogy now at a new low price!

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Paradise Valley by Dale Cramer – Review

This review is from my blog, A Book A Day. Paradise Valley by Dale Cramer I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.  I am under no obligation to write a positive review, just an honest one. This was my first time reading a book by Dale Cramer, and I was not disappointed! Paradise Valley is the first book in the new series, The Daughters of Caleb Bender by Dale Cramer. Paradise Valley is very unique as far as Amish fiction I have read goes.  Not only is it period fiction (set in the early 1900s) but a large portion of the book is set in Mexico, which is a completely unique setting for Amish fiction. Caleb Bender is living with his family in Ohio when the authorities come and take him to jail.  Why?  Because he and the other Amish. . .

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A Time to Love in stores today!

Brand new from Abingdon Press in stores today is A Time to Love by Barbara Cameron, the first novel in the Quilts of Lancaster County series. War correspondent Jennie King thinks she’s just a temporary guest in her grandmother’s Amish community while she recuperates from the devastating injuries sustained in a car bomb attack that changed her world. But when she meets Matthew Bontrager, the man she had a crush on as a teenager, she wonders if God has a new plan for her. Barbara Cameron is the author of 21 fiction and nonfiction books, three nationally televised movies (HBO-Cinemax), and the winner of the first Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award. When a relative took her to visit the Amish community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, she felt led to write about the spiritual values and simple joys she witnessed there. She attends a Methodist church near Edgewater, a small. . .

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Christmas Amish: Grace by Shelley Shepard Gray

GRACE by Shelley Shepard Gray On Sale October 26, 2010 304 pages; 5 5/16 x 8 “Gray’s latest embodies the meaning of Christmas. It is a reminder that all situations — good, bad or inconvenient — happen for a reason: It is God’s plan.” — Romantic Times Book Reviews “In placing the two lifestyles [Amish and English] side by side — as happens in real-life Amish communities — Gray has built a kind of tension that’s classic to romance stories: a forbidden, or at least problematic, attraction.”—The Philadelphia Inquirer on Winter’s Awakening For fans of the Sisters of the Heart series – Hidden, Wanted and Forgiven – Shelley Shepard Gray returns to these beloved characters in GRACE (Avon Inspire; Trade Paperback Original; On Sale: October 26, 2010), a heartwarming novel about the meaning of Christmas. It’s Christmastime at the Brenneman Bed & Breakfast, and everyone is excited about closing down. . .

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The Silent Order in stores today!

Brand new from Summerside Press in stores today is The Silent Order by Melanie Dobson. Cleveland, Ohio, 1928. Secrets bind the notorious Cardano family together, but Detective Rollin Wells is close to exposing the family’s dark secrets. The Cardanos are working in the hills south of Cleveland, and when Rollin travels to Sugarcreek to investigate, he discovers that the Cardanos want him dead. Rollin hides out in an Amish home, trying to uncover why the Cardanos are in Amish country and who is collaborating with them. As he gets closer to the truth, he also attempts to find out what a beautiful Amish woman named Katie Lehman—a woman who reminds him of the girl he once loved—is hiding. Will Katie trust him with her secret…and her heart? Or will the Cardano code of honor silence them both? Melanie Dobson Melanie Beroth Dobson is the author of the inspirational novels Together. . .

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The Waiting by Susan Woods Fisher (+ Kindle Giveaway)

She was waiting for love–and found it in the most unexpected place. Jorie King’s life is on hold. She has been waiting for Ben Zook to return to Lancaster County. Waiting for him to settle down and join the church. Waiting to marry him. But when news arrives that Ben has been killed, Jorie is devastated. She finds unlikely comfort in the friendship of his brother Caleb. Friendship ripens into love, and two broken hearts plan for a life filled with the promise of a fresh beginning–until their worlds are turned upside down. With her realistic characters whose weaknesses develop into strengthes, Suzanne Woods Fisher offers a reading experience that rises above the others. You will love growing in spirit with these complex people living the simple life as The Waiting transports you into a world where things aren’t as simple as they seem. Endorsements “More than just a story. . .

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More than Words by Judith Miller {Preview}

More than Words by Judith Miller (Daughter’s of Amara, book #2) Genre: Christian Bonnet Fiction Pages: 384 Trade Paperback Date Published: September 1, 2010 Publisher: Bethany House Publishers Journey to the charming villages of the Amana Colonies, 1885 Gretchen Kohler is an Amana storekeeper’s daughter with a secret passion for writing. But artistic pursuits are frowned upon in her conservative Amana village, so she confines her poems and stories to her journals, letting only close friends read them. When a young reporter comes into her store, she believes she’s found a kindred spirit. She shares a few of her stories with him–only to have her trust betrayed in the worst of ways, resulting in trouble for her entire community. The scandal is made even worse by the fact that gypsies have camped nearby and seem to be preying upon the Amanans’ compassionate, pacifist nature. Will Gretchen lose her job, her. . .

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The Thorn in stores now!

Brand new from Bethany House Publishers and author Beverly Lewis is a new series, The Thorn, book one in the Rose Trilogy is available now! Lancaster County, with its rolling meadows and secret byways, may seem idyllic, but it is not without its thorns. The Rose Trilogy is the stirring saga of two Amish sisters, and the events and decisions that change their lives. Spirited Rose Ann Kauffman has long enjoyed a close friendship with the bishop’s rebellious foster son. Rose’s older sister, Hen–who knows more than she should about falling for the wrong man–cautions her against him, but Rose is being courted by another, and so dismisses the warnings. Hen Kauffman Orringer’s impulsive marriage to an outsider divided her from the People, a decision she regrets now that she has a daughter of her own. As Hen struggles to reclaim aspects of Amish culture, her very modern husband pushes. . .

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More Than Words in stores now!

Brand new from Bethany House Publishers is another story in a series from author Judith Miller, More Than Words, book two in the Daughters of the Amana Series following up on Somewhere to Belong. Journey to the charming villages of the Amana Colonies, 1885 Gretchen Kohler can’t help but dream of a life beyond tending her father’s general store and keeping an eye on her younger brother and senile grandmother. She enjoys creative writing and believes she has a talent for it, but her traditional Amana village frowns upon artistic pursuits of that sort. So Gretchen confines her stories and poems to her journals, letting only close friends read them. When a young reporter comes into her store and strikes up a conversation, she believes she’s found a kindred spirit. Soon, she shares some of her stories with him—only to have her trust betrayed in the worst of ways. Will. . .

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